Zoosk Customer Service Phone Number

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Zoosk Customer Service Phone Number Contact Details

Zoosk is one of the most popular online dating companies that have been helping singles to choose their right life partner. Zoosk dating app is available in 25 languages and 80 countries and today recognized as the leader in mobile dating service. You can subscribe this app through your computer, android or iOS by following very simple steps. Zoosk also offers Zoosk messenger which is integrated in its app that allows you to do text or video chat with your partner. During the use of this app if any problem is creating then follow the details mentioned below:

Zoosk Customer Service Phone Number: 1-888-939-6675

Website: www.zoosk.com

20 thoughts on “Zoosk Customer Service Phone Number

  1. i tried to go onto my zoosk account this morning and it would not let me.
    i had an email saying sorrry to see you go???? I DID NOT CANCEL ?????
    i ONLY JUST JOINED ABOUT 4 weeks ago???
    please turn me back on as i paid $74.95 for 6 months in advance!!!!!!
    i would appreciate this happening ASAP as i am talking to a guy a like!!!

  2. I never subscribed to your service. Now I receive emails. Please delete and unsubscribe me from your service


  4. Dear Zoosk, I have signed up to Zoosk paid my subscription for 3 months and I cannot access messages sent to me. It tells me to subscribe when I have already paid. Your system makes it near impossible to have contact with you which is concerning, once you have our money you cant be contacted. I believe this is a scam and I am going to report this to the authorities. You are NOT to take any further funds from my account and I will be contacting the bank to stop any further transaction.
    I am very disappointed dealing with and trusting you. Please re-en-state my account that I have paid for, thats a start. If you fail to do so I will blog your actions or lack of on facebook to protect others from being scammed.

  5. I have paid another months subscription and cant access my matches ! I have reported this again to OFCOM ! This is a total scam and rip off ! I want a refund immediately !

  6. I find your hidden ways of bluffing people into a one month subscription for $30 a joke as you infact have a so called one of fee of $20 odd on top of that once you go to pay. Fkn dog act. Very tipical of a maggot. I hope you all crash and burn slippery molesters!!!

  7. Good morning to whom it may concern. I unsubscribe to your site over 12 months ago and removed my credit card details. Today I find I have been charged 75 dollars from my account? Can you please reverse this transaction and put the 75 dollars back into my account. It is very clear I have not accessed or logged into my old account for over 12 months.

  8. I am still waiting to be refunded the $99 zooske owe me as it was ment to be refunded 2 weeks ago,wheres my money?

  9. I sent you 2 previous emails with no response from you. Your site is a joke! I have tried to get on your site and it says I have been blocked with no explanation. What is going on. I will be going to another site if this is the way you treAt people.

  10. My user name is Ettalongman

    I can only use my mobile & not my computer to message people??
    Says i need to subscribe i have subscribed !!!

  11. I have subscribed to zoosk, now alxl the pictures of ladies have question marks on them and I cant see any of them HELP !!!!

  12. Hi
    I joined Zoosk about 2 months ago and only signed up for a month only. Then I cancelled the ongoing subscription and you have taken another month subscription £25.00 out of my account this month. Please ensure that you return the money and I want to cancel the whole thing as don’t even have access to any of the messages . I do not want to have an account so please cancel everything and return my money. Many thanks Regards Adilia

  13. my zoosk subscription has be been deactivated,i didn’t do thatmy account has been hacked.i cannot log on,pleasse advise

  14. hi i signed up for 3 months in May 2016 n cancelled subs in aug 2016. i was debited in aug n again tonight…..

    i need both transactions paid back i have even stopped n changed my bank because of this……. its a total rip off wih all the online scammers there, please cancel n remove me immediately…….

  15. I paid for one month 29.99 and you with drew 59.99 from my account. Even when I have deleted my visa card details you still have them.
    I would like a refund of the extra 20.00 you have taken.
    Hence why I have left cannot trust this site, disgusting customer service…a robbery!!
    Don’t subscribe to anything you will get no help if something goes wrong!!

  16. I have just subscribed on Sunday 3rd Dec 2017 and now I can not access ZOOSK at all it tells my unsecured sight..
    I would like to speak to Somone asap… i live in the UK 😠

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