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Wix Customer Support Phone Number and other Contact Details

Trying to find out Wix Customer Service Phone Number over Internet? It may take your lots of time as you need to do a long research after going through various related websites in order to find out the exact number. Getting support via Wix Helpline Number is the finest way of getting rid of those problems you are facing during the use of Wix’s service. We are globally known as the leader of providing the contact details of any company as we believe in dedication and reliability and this is the key mantras of our incredible growth as well as popularity.

Wix Customer Service & Support Contact Details

Wix allows you to create your own website online without facing any troubles. The company is in the market over past few years but has established their unique presence amongst customers within very less time. A series of templates are available here to choose one of the best among them that actually suits your present requirement and business goal. If you are not a good programmer then don’t worry as you will not have to create your own code. The entire code is integrated with template; all you need to do the customization according to your suitability.

Wix Customer Service Phone Number: +1 800-600-0949

Wix Technical Support Link: http://www.wix.com/support/html5/

Wix Official contact us link: http://www.wix.com/support/html5/contact

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  1. hello sir recently i made a website with wix.com as flyfiindia.com now i unable to open my account please do need full help i want my password and account to my email

  2. M. C Aldridge

    I have just finished building webpage with you. I wrote an experimental text under ‘ What You Say About Us’ I managed to erase some of the text but my daughter’s name Isi for Isabel, is still showing. I tried to erase it on several occasion but failed. How do I do it? Please help.

  3. I did not create the account. I do not want your email. I called in and left a voice email and was promised a call back, it did not come. I called in and spoke to an Indian with a thick accent who spoke in staccato English.

    I did not join, I don’t want the damned account, if I did I would have figured out who you are and created the account.

    Do what ever you have to do to stop sending email to me.

  4. I recently created a website on wix.com and I am unable to add menu fields to the home page.I also need to link pages to the under the menu and I am unable to do that. The help support that your website provides is not straight forward.

  5. I recently had a wix account for sweetenbody transferred site ownership on my wix account to bellabodycontours. However, the only problem I am having is when I type the domain for bella body into google it will not connect to the existing website.

  6. Hello,

    I tried to add additional information to my Wix website I already have promoting my book the ‘Jewel That Shines Within”.. I am also a Pastor and I was trying to upload my church ministry on Wix. But unfortunately my information got linked up with another company’s website and now both of our information are on the same page. My ministry is called Son of God Outreach Ministries. I used the Abbreviation So Go Outreach Ministries and they use So.. Go, but they sale sports products on their website. Can you please help me ?

  7. I am looking for developing web site where I want to create logins for members. Example we are in computer teaching and want to create account of each student. Similarly in housing society, I want to create account with login password to every housing society members. I want to create a paid version (premium type). So how can I start and what will be the charges.
    I am familiarized with HTML, vb, c, JAva etc
    please guide us

  8. Your company seems very hard to contact. I need to speak with someone immediately. Please contact me ASAP.


    I am unable to speak with a live person. My credit card was charged $204 and they will not issue me a refund! They declined it even though I no longer want to use this dumbass site. I’m very upset that I can’t even delete my payment information from the billing settings. This company is a scam!! DO NOT USE IT!! NO ONE CONTACTS YOU WITH YOUR ISSUES, THE 800 NUMBER IS NOT REAL!! TOTAL FAKE COMPANY

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