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Top Ten E-Mail Providers

In these days we all know the importance of web email as it is most acceptable medium of communication for official and personal use. It has become an essential need for current correspondence. Having account with any web email platform will allows us to instant communication and sharing of information with friends, family, office colleagues and relatives. It is more than just sending and receiving of messages. In other words we can say that email has reduced the communication gap between the people and helps us to grow. When it comes to count the best email providers, the top ten names that we consider are:

Gmail: undoubtedly it is best email service available till the date. After getting the enormous success of search, Google developed gmail as free web based advertising- supported email platform. Gmail has very simple and user friendly interface. It allows unlimited storage space and strong security features. You can enjoy the services of various Google apps with your single gmail account.

Yahoo! Mail: it is considered as world’s second free email application. This is one of the most popular and successful service of Yahoo Inc. it offers the 100 automatic filters that can sort out your incoming mail message and make email account clean. Except this there are many features are associated with yahoo mail which makes it more lovable and usable.

Windows live Hotmail: it is the free emai service of Microsoft that offers 5 GB storage space, calendars, chat and other beneficiary services. Hotmail is mostly followed by professional users to manage their office tasks effectively.

AOL MAIL: earlier it was not a free email application but now it’s free of cost and comes with innovative and advance interface.

Inbox: this is free web based email service comes with numerous mailing features like 5 GB storage space and good security. Inbox mail has only drawback is it does not have access through IMAP.

Mail.com: this is one of the most reliable email services which can efficiently filter your mails from viruses and spam.

Fastmail: it allows 10 MB data storage, 10 mb file attachment size. It does not include POP3 access, and email forwarding.

Lycos mail: it offers 5 GB storage, IMAP Access, antivirus support, POP3 and spam filtering. It charges $19.95 per year for its mailing services.

GMX: it is free email service that have comes with 5 GB storage and other improve and innovative features.

Gawab: this free email service offers 10 GB of storage, filters, virus protection pop and IMAP access

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