SAT Test 2015-2016


Acronym for Scholastic Aptitude Test – SAT is famous as verbal and quantitative reasoning test that is conducted to grant admission of students in the colleges and universities of United States of America. It is a verbal and quantitative reasoning test. The test is organized and published by College Board of US but officially it is developed by the Educational Testing Service. SAT is much needed to get admission in to various undergraduate courses of different Universities and Colleges. But there is a limit to the exam attempts. No candidate can appear in the exam for more than twice.

Months of SAT Exam

The exam is conducted 6-7 times a year. Months in which exam is conducted are October, November, December, January, March, May and June.

Eligibility Criteria for SAT

A candidate to stand eligible for the SAT exam must have completed 10+2 from any recognized institute.

SAT Test Dates and Guidelines 2015 and 2016

Normal Deadline Last Date of Registration Test Date Online Score Release
September 3rd 2015 September 22nd 2015 October 3rd 2015 October 22nd 2015
October 9th 2015 October 27th 2015 November 7th 2015 November 26th 2015
November 5th 2015 November 23rd 2015 December 5th 2015 December 24th 2015
December 28th 2015 January 12th 2016 January 23rd 2016 February 11th 2016
February 5th 2016 February 23rd 2016 March 5th 2016 March 24th 2016
April 8th 2016 April 26th 2016 May 7th 2016 May 26th 2016
May 5th 2016 May 25th 2016 June 4th 2016 June 23rd 2016

How to Apply for SAT 2015-2016

Eligible candidates can apply for SAT exam via two modes.

Online Registration

Candidates can register online via official website of the College Board. The fee to the exam can be paid through credit card.

By Mail

Registration form of the official website can be downloaded from the website of the College Board. SAT Information Bulletin can be availed from USEIF Offices. Students can send their draft, cheque or money order (registration fees) via mail to the address- College SAT Program, Princeton, New Jersey- 08541, USA. Payment can also be done via credit card.

Types of SAT Exam 2015-2016

SAT General Test/ SAT-I

The general test conducted is of 3 hours 45 minutes and comprises three sections that include multiple choice questions. The test comprises three sections writing (analyzing candidate’s knowledge on the basis of usage of words, grammar and word choice), reading (candidate’s ability sentence completion, reading comprehension and paragraph reading) and mathematics (comprises basic arithmetic, geometry, probability, statistics, data analysis and algebra).

Total Score of the Test is 2400 for getting admission in reputed college candidate must have scored minimum of 500 in each section.

SAT Subject Test (Optional)/ SAT-II

Some universities and colleges need or prefer SAT subject test scores along with application form. SAT subject test is though an optional test but it provides additional opportunity to the candidate to show their capabilities and knowledge in the specific subject. This test analyzes understanding of the candidate in any subject as he/she is applying for major in specific subject.

SAT II is one hour test that comprises multiple choice questions. Applicants are required to select three subjects from the list of 20 subjects that include subjects like Social studies, Chemistry, German Reading, French, Mathematics, World History, Mathematics etc.

Total score is 2400 and each subject is scored on the scale of 200-800.



Countries in which SAT Score is Applicable

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom