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PokerStars Customer Service Helpline Number

Are you looking for PokerStars customer helpline numbers? Facing some issues during playing online poker game? Need immediate support to understand the procedure of online gaming but unable to find active and official PokerStars customer support phone numbers? If your answer is yes for above questions then here is solution of all worries. Today many people are enjoying the services of PokerStars but at sometimes they face difficulties in its functioning and some new users may require PokerStars customer support to understand it properly. Here you can find the complete contact details of PokerStars as we are collected it from registered website of PokerStars and other official resources for your ease.

Pokerstars Phone Number: PokerStars does not offer a telephone number.

Pokerstars Support Email: support@pokerstars.net

Pokerstars Support Page: http://www.pokerstars.com/poker/room/support/

Pokerstars Help Page: http://www.pokerstars.com/help/

When it comes to best online poker, the name of PokerStars always comes to the first. PokerStars is an online poker game where one is playing against other players via internet. With nearly 50 million registered players, it is the world’s leading online poker cardoom which is running all games legally from the Isle of Man. Because it is legal platform anywhere in the globe, PokerStars is the most traded poker room in the globe with more than 40,000 users daily and over 30,000 players online in average. The game is always accessible when you want to play it but only thing you need to have is a stable and fast internet connection to enjoy the better experience of PokerStars.

13 thoughts on “PokerStars Customer Service Helpline Number

  1. Hi I have questions about depositing money with a pretty paid credit card and afterwards how to withdraw money from, my account

    • I need to speak to someone regarding monies won. I have sent numerous amount of emails and can’t seem to get a speedy response. Please let me know, I really need my funds.

  2. I need my account unfreeze

  3. stephen j moore says:

    I was pretty much forced on the poker stars screen to sign up for nj edition I bought play chips and don’t like the site due to lack of tables and not having access to the higher limit rooms, my old account should still be active under my other email address and screen name, is there any possible way to transfer my chips to that poker stars account so I can keep playing, also on the new jersey site after one hand my computer volume shuts down ?

  4. Hugh Boulette says:

    Pokerstars shows I have to many log in attemps and that I have to complete additional questions to access my account. What is the name of my first pet? Zodiak What is the name of my favorite football team? Winnipeg Blue Bombers. I really can’t remember those questions.”But”those are my answers.Hope this is helpfull in order for me to keep Playing POKER on Pokerstars. It’s tough playing but very interesting and challenging.Love the game very much.


  6. Gene Stuffel says:

    I have been paying (Spin & Go) and enjoy the game. HOWEVER I have played poker for more than 60 years and where I come from if 3 people set down to a game say we all 3 put in $100,000.00. If I win I rake $300,000.00. In your game I only get $200,000.00. Where does the other $100,000.00 go? Anther thing on several occasions such as today I looked at my balance and it was 7.6 M. I played one game for $200,000.00 won but my balance only went up to 7.7M. WHY? Glad I play for fun.

  7. its no good asking for help as u dont reply why

  8. Have been trying to contact Security and SUPPORT as well several times asking to be call back as Pokerstars pretend to have that option,also I send emails with Verification requirements but get same response every time and I’m still blocked on the website,need urgently to be call as I have BIG SECURITY ISSUE.I WAIT FOR THE LAST 2 WEEKS!!!!!Shame,I’ll make sure everyone knows how well you dealing with Customer’s enquiries,specially when I been let to registered and play for the first 3 deposits and then been Blocked for Security Verification.Also is Strange that I receive an email from Security asking for copies of my Bank statement with the long 16 numbers included and been told to let visible the first 6 and the last4 digits and also to provide them with a copies of the back card so they can see the Security code,then I read on the app that you will never ask for such details to be sent by email@@@and I send a few times those details to Security.Verification and SUPPORT and all I get is same stupid reply:due to high volume of requests it may take longer……It has been 2 weeks since then and I’m not rich enough to give up on that little credit of 130.90$ or 100£.Any Help?

  9. Do you have a telephone number?

  10. butch mills says:

    I can not get into the web site. a box comes up and says check with support.

  11. Noone responding to my emails from support.
    I have frozen money on account, unable to withdraw

    • and what did u do?

      I have got frozen money as well and no one is responding to my emails!