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Payza Customer Service Helpline Number USA

In case you have enquiries regarding Payza service, you can communicate with Payza team just by dialing Payza Phone Number? But if you are having trouble while finding the contact details of Payza then you can get details from here. 99Numbers.com is recognized as the world’s leading online portal where you can find the contact information of almost every company. As usual we are going to specify the complete contact info of Payza below.

Payza is one of the renowned online payment platforms that allows user to send or request fund online securely, quickly and easily. With the help of Payza prepaid account you can easily shop online from any e-commerce websites. A business owner can effectively manage their transaction activity without facing any hassle and within very less time.

Payza Customer Service Helpline Phone Number: +1-917-720-12

Note: You can get support service 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday.

Payza Phone Number Canada: +1-514-787-1840

Payza Phone Number USA: +1-917-720-1220

Payza Phone Number United Kingdom: +44-203-519-0003

Easy Payza Email Support

For getting the resolution of your queries, you can easily submit a ticket through email and Payza customer care team will respond you back in less than 24 hours.

Payza Live Chat Support

You can also get the resolution of your queries through Live Chat with ease.

52 thoughts on “Payza Customer Service Helpline Number USA

  1. How can I change my user ID. Please help me.

    • Crystal Harper says:

      My order is over a month past delivery date?Why won’t anyone address this issue!Highly disappointed in your taking my money twice for something I ordered once!Still no product or refund or any communication from you!!

  2. I would like to cancel my use with Payza as I have no further use for it !!!!!!

  3. not received for $1 kolotibablo account balance to payza account

    • hi frnd you use qlinkgroup server and easy earn by paypal

    • I have been facing same problem. two transaction money have not received to my payza account. It is totally lost for me. I ask for help hope for a better result.

  4. Hello Sir
    I am unable to login to my payza account. Because payza login page is not opening. I am from Bangladesh. Please tell what is the problem?

  5. Hi I add fun on here and it’s been three weeks already and I never get credited on my account..its says pending and at the bottom it says clearing date is dec 22 but it never went through.i already taken out from my bank..

    • They are some what stealing money from people.

      I’m serious. I will take legal action if the money does get refunded to me by tomorrow. And I make myself clear, there will then be legal action for an amount they do not want to experience against them. If they think they can steal money from people they better think again.

  6. hi sir/mam

    my payza account is created
    but i dont how to us dollar transfer in indian corruncy
    please help me …………….8349640184 please coll us and ya mail send me

    • Sanjay mishra says:

      my payza account is created
      but i dont how to us dollar transfer in indian corruncy
      please help me …………….7974747648 please coll us and ya mail send me

  7. Paramjeet kaur says:

    My bank withdraw pending showing since one week I tried to withdrawal 17/01/2016.why showing pending could u explain to me plzzz

  8. Abdullah khan says:

    I’m waiting for my personal verification.i submit my bank statement one week before.plz can u confirm my verification as soon as possible.thank you.

  9. Ronald Reynolds says:

    Payza Support Sucks.
    No one responds to tickets, so that is not a good thing. You no-longer support customer service thru phone calls so that is not a good thing. I have tried multiple times in several different ways to reach Payza but that seems impossible. I guess I will be using another pay processor since I can’t seem to contact or resolve issues with Payza. It is unfortunate that you no-longer care about your customers or offer customer support.


    • Katherine smith says:

      I was instructed to upload a bank statement, I don’t know how, I have explained this to payza and offered to fax a copy if they would give me a number, I also remembered that the name of my bank account is different from the one on my drivers license, so they want all types of verification, to add a middle name to my payza account that is already on my bank account, any thing I send them will have the same name that is on my account now, I wonder what they do if a bank account is under Mr. or Mrs. they also want copies of bills to assure that I am living at this address the problem the bills all come in my husbands name funny they did not ask me to prove who I was when I signed up for the account, I will try calling them tomorrow or the next day, if you live in the U.S thenu mber is 1-917-720-1220 I wish luck to everyone having problems,

  10. how can i change my transaction pin. i can not pay

  11. I have registered and paid a fee of $32.10 (US) with my debit card with the understanding that I would be getting some work. I am not sure if I am applying the correct procedure. I am becoming curious about the activities of your operations on website: http://onlinegeniusjobs.com/UI/OnlineFormFillingJob.aspx
    Is it possible for you to offer me some guidance on the way forward. Please expedite your response so I take the appropriate decision.

  12. Mahmoud Jalloh says:

    It’s really frustrating that you do not provide any telephone means by which customers can reach you. Is it a cost saving measure or something else completely different? Your rival Paypal has an excellent customer service care particularly the most important human contact telephone conversation one, that way you don’t have to wait for days or even weeks in anxiety for you to get an email reply to your online question or query. Are you going to do something about it? I will really very much appreciate that. Remember first impression goes a long way. I have to be first fully satisfied with my own personal experience before I can recommend someone else. The answer is simple; which is to say, i don’t want blame from anybody. Thanks for listening and maybe acting. My regards.

    • Katherine smith says:

      go to your search engine and type in payza phone number, it takes a little dong but you should be able to find one for your country the U.S number is 1-917-720-1220 I also am having problems getting a few thins through their heads

  13. Roland Travas says:

    I have applied for a Payza account since January. I have supplied Identity papers, credit card statement . I still can’t get approved.

  14. wafaa ziane says:

    I created an account but can’t add my home phone number. This isn’t good as paypal as the customer phone number doesn’t work.

  15. Hi I created a payza account then I forget my password and then I am also created 2nd account in payza .Now I can not log in my 2nd accound.Now what can i do for it.Please help me.

  16. courtenay oconnell says:

    What are the office hrs for the PAYZA chat feature? I seem to find that they are always “closed” Maybe they no longer do live chat???

    • they seem to be few and far between, they never seem to have time to talk so I guess I am not the only one complaining I have consistently asked for a code so I could talk to a person on the phone, no such luck and like you said chat is hardly ever available and when it is they tell you to submit a support ticket, in other words the service is virtually useless as is their customer service phone number, because their calls go to a recording. If they do not offer phone support why do they have a service number

  17. Md Saidul Islam says:

    Dear Admin

    I submitted my ID and photo on 04-04-2016 but still now my account is not verified.please verify my account.thanks

  18. I also submitted I D but am having problems I sent mine by Fax to1 514 744 4420 which is the fax number I found online. but I am still having problems, my advice do nothing until your account is verified and your bank is linked.if you want your bank linked, I have not been able to obtain a list of stores that accept payza so a link to a bank account may be the only way to receive the money

  19. shahariar says:

    plz send Bangladesh call center number

  20. 1. Do you offer credit card processing and/ or ACH payment processing services for business accounts?
    2. Do you support automated recurring billing and future manual billing?
    3. What business and personal documents do you need for verification?
    4. Do you accept wire transfers from personal/business accounts or both?
    5. What is the number of wire transfers at a given period?
    6. What is the maximum amount of funds deposited at a given period?
    7. What is the ACH chargeback? (Penalty fee)

  21. aidez moi ; j n arrive pas a retirer mon argent avec ma carte payza ; c est grave

  22. Tauhid Rahman says:

    I request for withdraw $108 to my bank account at 9 June 2016. At the same day they send me a mail that the transaction has executed and have given a Trx No. But i do’t get any money to my Bank account here. They also report that the transaction has completed at Nov 11,2012. How it is possible ??

    Tauhid Rahman

  23. I did not account verify Pyaja.
    Given document is not yet verify.

  24. Tim Beckmann says:

    Where can I see my Date of birth? I tipped in the wrong date and now I can’t verify my account. For a ticket they need my date of birth, which I tipped in when I registred. But I don’t know which wrong date i tipped in.



  25. Is it possible to link my daughter’s account number instead of my own account number to Payza?

  26. iam having in payza acct 148 dollars but amount is not transfering to my bank
    pls give to us suggestion

  27. i forgot my pin.can u help me

  28. Dear please confirm my account ID send so please contact us

  29. Assalaamualaikum & hai all, saya mencari rakan yang memegang akaun PAYZA, saya nak buat pembelian USD & nak buat group utk kemudahan semua…whatsapp saya di 0107722511..



    i have facing some problem for my payza ac
    i want to cont. you
    please give me the costomer care no or replay me

  32. rajiba kumar jha says:

    Dear Payza boss…my withdrawal is canceal but not be reversed in my Payza accout …why my transaction is canceal plz send my money help me…Payza id ..rajeevjha921@gmail.com
    My reference no is…2facd-oceb5-9f27c

  33. Md. Abu Raihan says:

    I am not yet my payza prepaid MasterCard bangladesh.please send my prepaid mastercard.

  34. palash bhattacherjee says:

    i amm faceing a big problem .i submit my bak statement and national id .but my account temporary hold what can i do . please give me customer address in bangladesh

  35. Arfat Rahman Hridoy says:

    I have no telephone number.. In this time nobody use telephone. What i can do for it???

  36. How to remove the account hold guys please help me

  37. Ziaullah Khan says:

    My payza account is blocked please open.

  38. Ashish Kumar Dwivedi says:

    Can I connect payza and payza like wallet to same bank acct?

  39. payza account hold

  40. sean mcmillan says:

    Hi i have being waiting over 48 hour for my payza to br reviwed . ?? its taken so long lkniwni need to get into my account add funds to it as i forgot my transation pin and it wont let me change it as i have to get my passport reviewed i done everything eles in waiting over 48 hours now and still no 1 back to me . please can someone help be greatful in the next few hours . as i am a customer from Ireland and have no phone number to ring . .thanks hope to here back soon as

  41. i uploaded all the documents and after 10 days they replied my account is on hold and documented have been declined. i tried so many ways to contact them but issues still there
    there process is so tedious . i already deposited funds to my account but put hold on it
    now i cant withdraw my fund neither i can make payments also there server is keep on changing ,, now they have their new location for their server in uk
    i would never recommend opening up an account with payza