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If you are the one amongst 6 million customers of Mozy but having sort of queries related to its service, then we recommend you to visit our portal once in order to find out the Mozy Customer Service Phone Number. There are no any platforms better than us as satisfying customer’s need exactly is our utmost priority and we’ve been trying our level best for the same since we came into existence. We have already satisfied thousands of customers and still we’re maintaining the same passion and dedication for doing our best. After going through this article you can easily find out the Mozy Customer Service Phone Number and other contact info for contacting with Customer Service executive of Mozy. Share your specific issue with customer service representative of Mozy.

Mozy Customer Support Phone number: 1-866-789-6699

Mozypro Sales Helpline Phone Number: 1-877-669-9776

Email: Press/Public Relations:


Online Customer Service contact Link: Click Here

Mozy is a far-famed cloud backup service provider to consumers and businesses. The company is the subpart of EMC Corporation and headquartered in Washington. Global customers are availing their service thanks to the dedication of their professionals and quality of service. It was founded in the year 2005 but later in 2007, it was acquired by EMC Corporation. Its service can be availed by both Windows as well as Mac OS X users. There are basically three kinds of products produced by Mozy namely MozyHome, MozyEnterprise and MozyPro. Each and every product of Mozy has its unique definition and available at very affordable subscription packages. Based on the quality of products and affordability of price, today Mozy is the leader in the field of online backup service. For technical queries associated with any of the products offered by Mozy, simply ask to the specialist of Mozy. They’re always ready to assist you so don’t feel hesitation while sharing your issue in details.

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