How to contact Google Customer Service & Technical Support – Guide

About Google: None of us are not confused about the term ‘’Google ’’, even if it a small kid. That much of popularity it had. We can search anything under universe in Google. Google is an American multinational company designed for specialization of internet –related products. It was initially launched in the year September 4, 1998 founded by   Larry page and Sergey brin. Google offered its services in 119 various languages. Google initially illustrious by its service “search engine”.  In addition to this, Google also launched products like Google plus, Google apps, Google mail, YouTube etc. All of these products are popular that what they are designed for.  During the quarter of September 30, 2013 Google attained 14.9$ billion revenue, this collection is 12 % higher than the third quarter of 2012. During its   15 Years of journey it gained many awards and achievements.

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Let’s pause that topic for a while, we here mention the ways to contact Google customer service .Google had millions of customers in various sectors; Most of them are ignorant how to contact Google technical support in case of trouble. That is the reason why we mention it here. This article would be more helpful for all internet users. We promising that here we wrote similar more informative article that you are seeking for. Let’s start with Google’s primary product “GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE”.


Google search engine is the widely consumed search engine in the world. It is fast and reliable. The result is displayed on the basis of rating. The issues related to customers are different from one another like legal issues, site security issue, inappropriate profile /content, hangouts/ server related troubles, keyword related issues etc. Whatever the issues the users are seeking for an effective support i.e. Google technical support.

How to contact Google search engine customer support?

As compare to per-capita income Google search provides good technical support to all users. Google search technical support, chain spread across the world.  The users can contact Google customer support based on which region they belong. If you want to contact Google head quarters post a letter to

1600 amphitheatre parkway,

 Mountain View, CA 94043 USA (OR)

You can prefer to contact them through Google customer support telephone number +1 650 253 0000.

 For more queries about Google search, Google technical related assistance Click here


Google plus is the social networking site that offered by Google Inc. It was launched on June 28 2011. Within 2 years it attains 540 million users. As like other social networking sites Google + users also facing many problems like  hijacking issues, receiving unwanted IM, Privacy and security related issues, spam filtering ,configuring a new Google plus account etc .Banning these abuses are vital for a user. No need to worry. Google plus customer support always there at your doorstep.

Need a help in Google plus? We will help you to contact Google plus tech support

Go to the home page of Google plus. Click on the option “NEED HELP”.  In case to resolve trouble shoot related to Google plus. Follow the link; certainly you can resolve the issue smoothly.

If you seek an aid to configure a new Gmail account click the button “CREATE AN ACCOUNT”. Go with it. In case seeking for more guidance

Contact Google technical support here


What is Google apps?

Google apps is a package of all applications in one platform. With this system users can use wide range of Google products like calendar, news, Google talk, maps, YouTube etc in a single platform. More than 5 millions Google apps users are today. Users can custom their own domain name for utilizing various purposes like business. Education, services etc. Google apps is free for first thirty days, there after 5 us$ per month (or) 50$ per year packages are available as customer wish.

How to contact Google apps technical support?

Google apps provide a helpful technical support for users. Subscribers can contact through Google apps toll-free telephone number. The service is available in 24×7 basis.

Google apps telephone customer support for United States is 1-877-355-5787

Rest all Google apps users can contact through this number 1-646-257-4500

Users can browse the Google apps customer support based on location that you prefer. For more see the below link


Are you suffering any issues with YouTube account? like issues – cant upload a video, sign-in issues, cant access into account , need aid to configure a new YouTube account, security related issues –  looking YouTube technical support assistance , you are here at right place.

You tube headquarter address

YouTube, LLC

901 Cherry Ave.
San Bruno, CA 94066

The telephone number for YouTube customer support is   +1 650-253-0000

For more category -wise solution assistance meet you-tube technical support here

GOOGLE MAIL/ GMAIL Technical Support

Gmail is a widely web based email. Gmail developed mobile applications for android, java, windows phone etc .Gmail provides 15 GB storage space for non paid –users. Most of the people preferred to use Gmail, because of its in-built specialty of spam control and virus protection.  We here pointed few efficient and effective ways to contact Gmail technical support.

Click on the link . Check out the new pages that open. You can find out mostly queried testimonial queries and solution over there.  Click on appropriate link. Definitely you can resolve the issue. For more aid contact Gmail technical support  

Keep in mind

We here pointed the customer support info of widely using Google products. If you are seeking a technical support of any other Google products – contact Google support.    .  Though Google is a global giant search engine company it had customer support all over the world. Users can contact them based on the location where they are preferred for.

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