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Hotmail Customer Support #1-833-295-1999 & Service Phone Number

Hotmail is free email service provided by Microsoft Corporation it was founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in 1996. It was obtained by Microsoft in 1997 for an expected $400 million. Hotmail is comfortable with all popular Browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Google Chrome, Safari etc.  You Can Store 5 GB Data on Hotmail (Free).

Some Unique Features of Hotmail:

Office Web Apps integration- in this features you can edit documents like word file, excel, power pint.

Active view:  you can interact directly with contents

Quick views and one-click filters:  You can Filter All the emails.

Categories:  Categories permit you to label messages or senders into a particular group, and those categories will become visible under “Quick views” in the sidebar.

Microsoft Hotmail Customer Service number USA: (866) 833-7088

Microsoft Hotmail Canada Customer Service Number:  (800) 876-8533

Microsoft Technical Support number UK: 0844 800 2400

Registration: you can choose @hotmail.com, @msn.com, @live.com, and @outlook.com.

Hotmail Customer Help:  

You can contact with Hotmail through the following Hotmail Support Links

  1. You can visit http://windows.microsoft.com/en-GB/windows-live/microsoft-account-help#microsoft-account=tab1 this link here you will find lots of Help.
  2. You can also visit http://windows.microsoft.com/en-IN/windows-live/essentials-home this link for Hotmail or livemail help.

You can also post your query on Hotmail Forum: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windowslive/forum/hotmail?auth=1

If you have Hotmail Sign in or login problem please visit this http://windows.microsoft.com/en-IN/hotmail/reset-password-forgot link.

Hotmail Official Website: http://www.hotmail.com

Office Address USA: Microsoft Corporation. One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052-6399, USA

Microsoft Hotmail Sales and Support Number:  (800) 426-9400

Microsoft Contact Details in India: 

Corporate Office Address: Microsoft Corporation (I) Pvt. Ltd., 9th Floor, Tower A, DLF Cyber Greens, DLF Cyber Citi, Sector 25A, Gurgaon 122 002, INDIA

Phone Number: +91 80 40103000    Fax: +91-124-4158888

Microsoft India Toll Free Number:
Phone: 1800 102 1100 (Airtel land line and mobile phones)
Phone: 1800 111 100 (MTNL/BSNL land line)

Hi my name is Alex; I am a technical advisor for hotmail/ outlook mail. In my point of view, the outlook is one of the best web based email that available today. Initially it is named as “Hot mail” and later re-branded as “Windows live hotmail”. Currently it’s found that Hotmail had more than 420 million users. The highlighting features of Hotmail are privacy and spam protection, integration with skydrive,10 GB single mail attachment, viewing the images in a dynamic view, One click filter and categorize the emails, Instant messaging and text messaging facility, sweep/ delete the unwanted mails etc. Here I am mentioning few ways of recover the forgotten hotmail password. In case you need more assistance contact Hotmail technical support.

How to recover the Hotmail password?

  1. Hit on the link “Can’t access your account?” that showed in the home page of hotmail / outlook.
  2. On the next page you should enter the email id and Captcha verification code. If the code that appear over there is not visible means click on “NEW”. You get a new code over there; usually the purpose through Captcha verification is to verify your identity. If the new code is not working means click on the link “Audio”. You can identify the code through voice. Enter the Captcha over there. Then click “Next”
  3. Select an option for retrieving your hotmail password. There are two methods for retrieving the password, one is through the alternate email id and the other is through mobile phone.
  4. If you are selecting the mobile number as an option, Hotmail sends some verification code to your alternative id. Verify the code, and then click “send code”. Then click “Next”.
  5. 5.       In case you are selecting alternate email for password recovery, click on it. Hotmail server sends some reset link to your alternate email id. Then click “next”. Certainly you can retrieve the hotmail password through this method, In case of troubles/ issues contact Hotmail technical support.

Things to remember

  • Always fix a  strong unique password for your hotmail account
  • Check the password strength before fixing it. Try to include at least eight characteristics in your hotmail password. If your password is lengthy that means, your email is more secure.
  • A good anti-virus is capable protect your email as well as system.
  • Change your password periodically, this will enhance your mailing activities
  • Never use a dictionary password, because a hacker can guess these type of weak passwords. Secure your email with a strong password.
  • For assistance contact hotmail technical support

27 thoughts on “Hotmail Customer Support #1-833-295-1999 & Service Phone Number

  1. Anshu Wadhwa says:

    I am using my email account anshuwadhwa@hotmail.com on Blackberry since very long. But from the past few days I am not able to configure the same on my Blackberry Q5 handset. It says “Account details incorrect and unavailable”. But when with the same details I am using it in my desktop it does open. Kindly help as my all contact numbers and BBM account is linked with it.
    Thanks & Regards
    Anshu Wadhwa

  2. Dharmendra Gautam says:

    My account has been temporarily blocked and i entered a correct mob. no. for received a verification code but verification code no received, please help me on urgent basis.

  3. Tadeusz Lukoszek says:

    I am 92 and have been trying to have my e-mail unblocked for over a week and have made no progress. I have filled in your information sheet on three occasions and twice had no reply. My issue number is 171352222. Can someone please help. My alternate contact email is nissanclubman@gmail.com

  4. rakesh saxena says:

    I have lost my phone and for passward reset I had given my NO. 91 7417027214 kindly give the way how can I change my hotel mail Id ,

    Rakesh Saxena
    Hotel The Idea Inn

  5. Victoria Hardy says:

    Hotmail have told me that I need a sent code to get into my inbox.

    I try it all the time and can`t get any response from the
    next button so I`m inserting a code that makes no difference.

    I have facebooked Hotmail 24 7 5 times they haven`t replied or done anything.

    My inbox is used for my business and I`m asking you to sort this out at once or let me get back into my inbox again without the code anymore.

  6. More than once while travelling I have been blocked out of my account for “security reasons”. Who came up with a system where the verification code that is needed to unblock your account is sent to the email you are currently unable to access? It is absolutely the worst system conceived. Unable to access airplane tickets, train tickets and hotel reservations due to this terrible system. I have therefore vowed to never use hotmail again and will transfer all of my business to gmail.

  7. Dear sir
    One of the hotmail user has cheated us we are the traders in saudi arabaia and one of the chinese company sales person using the hotmail id has cheated they send email from.the same as before and changed there bank details in the third shipment as email was same as before we trusted them now the sales person is saying that he dint sent any email and saying my email has been hijacked bla blaand i will provide you the complete emails and email ids.once tell.me where i can get ip address.of the users of that account or else provide me the details of the customer services your support will be highlyyy appreciated thanks and best regards
    Mohammed imran

  8. I have tried to add my new Orange number (+230) 58122… but outlook says it is invalid when it is NOT. Please help me out by updating your database ASAP. You may contact me by email for more details.

  9. Dear Concern,
    I uzma nazeer plz help me my email Id is uzmanazeerhassan@hotmail.com has been hacked plz help me and retrieve my e mail id or passwod .and already use to on facebook same id has been hacked .
    i am waiting for favorable reply .


    Uzma Nazeer
    cell no. :009203212104248
    Karachi Pakistan

  10. Account recovery request my email id. jkindustrialcom@hotmail.com

    pls send me password

  11. My email account has been HACKED as well and HOTMAIL doesn’t care. There is no way to contact them. Now the only thing left is to send them a package like I have done to my hacker. Sleep Tight!

  12. Please, I am in Nigeria and I can’t connect my email box for 2 days!!!!!
    I’ve done what you said, using another email box to received a code and I’m still waiting !!!! It’s really a shame to put something in place for security reason and it’s against myself indeed !!!
    Please Can i get my email box accessible NOW !!

  13. Bill Conybeare says:

    Just over a month ago my Hotmail email account was blocked as Microsoft believed that it had been hacked. I tried several times to re-open it, but without success, as I could not remember enough personal information to pass the test. I have some important emails & all my email contacts on the account, which I am unable to access. I urgently need the account to be reopened. Please help me.

  14. My issue:

    I log into my Hotmail account using Firfox. I tried sending one email to only one Facebook group (placed under Bcc) but it always throws me an error “Delivery to the following recipients failed.”

    Couple of weeks back i was able to send emails to multiple Facebook groups(under Bcc) without any issues. But now i am not.

    Past experience:

    When i was using outlook to send these emails, it was working fine, but all of sudden my account got locked. Support personnel said, it is because of outlook filter settings for spam detection. Support did nothing, my account got unlocked after certain period of time. I wasted 2 days without any emails, spending lot of time sending emails, contacting support and searching internet in vain.

    My solution to my last issue:

    I stopped using outlook. I started sending emails over browser and only restricted the number of groups to 9 (after lot of my attempts to come down to a safe number of groups allowed under bcc list).

    The entire Microsoft support does not know what is the exact number of groups allowed under Bcc Or what is the number of email ids under Bcc allowed at one time. And i have made sure that the email content does not have anything to be considered as spam. Even if i forward my entire email to Microsoft support asking them to find out if there is any content which comes under suspicion to be marked as spam, but they can not find anything from that content themselves but would advice you find out yourself!

    Now the same issue is creeping up on my Hotmail account on browser. I realize now my mistake of integrating Hotmail account with Facebook.

    My expectation now:

    I don’t know what to expect from the support now other than waiting and getting the self satisfaction that i have already opened a ticket with Microsoft support.


  15. haven’t signed in since I opened my account and now it tells me that my password doesn’t work

  16. Karpesh Indesh says:

    This is the most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with. This isn’t even a company. It’s a scam. It’s full of people who don’t know anything about business.

  17. fergal shaughnessy says:

    i have been trying to access my old hotmail account with no success.its asking me for last digits of phone no. which is no problem,but have no longer got old phone so cant take a call or text message.old phone no. is 0879313618. my new no. is 0834138938.please help as i need some important information from old hotmail account.

  18. Rickey Wilson says:

    How can I recover my hotmail email password? because hotmail has been move to outlool, that’s why, what should i do to recover my hotmail email password, please suggest me something.

  19. To the people who like changing their mobile or cell phone numbers: STOP Using Emails.

  20. Luis Velarde says:

    I have continued issues with accessing my Hotmail I’ve forgotten my password and answered all the questions to the best of my knowledge and yet I keep getting a response that I have been denied access back to my hotmail account. Is there another forms or means to access my hotmail account??

  21. Hello sir my name is kalyanbabu gubbala my account kalyan.g222[@]live.com can’t open I forgot password plz recover password. My number 9666228584 my information. Send. Me plzzz

  22. After dialing Toll Free (any mobile phone) 1800 102 1100, ignore the IVR and dial 1141 to speak to the assistant

  23. Me not able to sign in my email account on hotmail. It has created a big problem for me.

  24. Andrew krewda says:

    Trying to get into my hotmail account and can’t cuz I don’t know the password. Can someone contact me back at akrewda23@gmail.com. It’s my other email.

  25. Harendra Singh says:

    Hello sir,
    i completlly get frustrated with Outlook service. it seems to put my documents on hotmail ccount is biggest mastake of my life.
    My account get locked and i am trying to recover it again again since last 20 and getting same system generated message.
    Please someone assist me to unblock my account..
    Harendra Singh

  26. i have problem in hotmail mail sending .i have verification my id with code but not sent mail

  27. poonam chauhan says:

    hello sir ,
    i m poonam chauhan
    plz give me a hotmail customer care number in india gujarat