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GarageBand Customer service

Garageband is a free software that allows users to create their own music, podcasts and sound tracks. This software is included in all iPhones, iPads and Mac devices manufactured by Apple. Garageband has a complete sound library including sounds of instruments like guitar, piano and Drums. The interface of this software is quite simple and user friendly but sometimes the users still faces several issues while using it.

Some of the most common error codes with Garageband are error code -36, -61, -48, -2 etc. Apart from these error codes, the Garageband user may also face various other glitches and issues while creating their own podcasts or music. All these issues can be fixed by proper support and guidance. In this article, we will discuss common GarageBand issues and ways to find to the proper GarageBand Customer services.

 Common Issues with GarageBand App

  1. App not working with iOS 11

These types of errors are often resolved by turning off the icloud on your device. However, the Apple is still working on this issue the exact solution still not available. The users are advised to Apple GarageBand customer services for details.

  1. GarageBand for Mac not opening your projects

This problem generally occurs due to the Audio unit plugins. To get rid of the errors the user may try and disable these plugins by following the below mentioned steps.

  • Open a project in GarageBand.
  • Choose Preferences followed by Audio/MIDI and deselect Audio Units.
  • Now play the project that has been facing an issue.
  1. A Sudden crash of GarageBand App

There are a lot of possible reasons behind the crashes of GarageBand App; the GarageBand customer service advisors can resolve this issue better. However, the user may try and reinstall the app and clear disk space before contacting the customer support.

How to get help from GarageBand Customer service?

For Mac Devices

There are various ways by which we can get help for GarageBand software in Mac Devices.

  • The brief description of controls, windows and other elements of GarageBand interface are available within the GarageBand application. Just choose Help>GarageBand Quick Help and all the detailed page of GarageBand will appear with all common issues and solutions
  • The GarageBand mac help page can also be accessed using the web browser by visiting the webpage https://help.apple.com/GarageBand/mac/.
  • If the concerned issue is not listed on the help page. The user can also contact the apple customer service department via chat or phone.
  • The Apple id will be required to get contact GarageBand Customer service via phone.
  • The GarageBand customer service number is different for users around the world. However, the main technical support department for Mac can be contacted at (800) APL–CARE (800–275–2273) (For US customers only)
  • Find the support phone number for your country at https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT201232.

For IPad and Iphone users

  • The Ipad users have to download the Logic remote app from the app store to access the help page.
  • Follow the steps mentioned below to get the GarageBand quick help page in Logic Remote App
    • Click on view button in the control bar and then tap the smart help button.
    • Now in GarageBand, choose the item and function for which the help is required.
  • Similarly to the Mac users, the iphone and ipad user can also get GarageBand customer service by phone and chat.

In case you are not satisfied with the apple support, there are some third party GarageBand customer service providers as well which can be contacted.

Note: Make sure that your help book is unlocked while seeking help through Logic remote app.

 Points to remember

  • Make sure to have a backup for your created music and sound files as GarageBand customer service agent may require to reset the app which can result into deletion of your past records.
  • In case you feel that the problem is with the third party plugin, you may contact the customer support of that particular plugin before contacting GarageBand customer service.
  • Keep your Apple ID handy before contacting the GarageBand customer service, as this will be asked by the support agent before resolving the issues.
  • There is a discussion page available at the apple website for common GarageBand issues, the user can resolution for most of their problems from that page.

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