Facebook USA Contact Phone Number & Address

Facebook, one of the top most online social networking sites has equipped million people’s interest with its interesting features. Facebook is the new definition of being connected with people, anytime and from anywhere. Founded on February 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his college friends, this site was limited to only Harvard students. Later, it was open to all. Now people from every corner of the world are using this site. Below you can find Facebook contact information, so that you can gather information on Facebook and its services. You can call on the provided number and get connected with the customer executives.

Facebook Corporate Office Address and Phone Number

Facebook Office Address USA: Facebook, Inc. 1601 Willow Rd,Menlo Park, CA 94025

Facebook Corporate Office Phone Number: (650) 543-4800

Facebook Customer Service or Technical Support: https://www.facebook.com/help/

People need to register on the site before using the services. Once logged in, the user can add their loved ones, chat with them , and get notifications about their activities. You can post your status and share anything with your friends. Uploading photos, video and sharing documents is fun. Facebook contact information is available here. You can get the information by calling the executives. Here all the information about how to contact Facebook executives are provided. Simply dial the number easily to gather information easily. Now easily get connected with your favorite site and use it in the best possible manner.

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  1. hello Facebook am one in your customer last week i get a messaged in my count Facebook she tell me i Winne money in Facebook lottery but she say the must send money before to send you a cheek but i need to confirm if you know that but i have a document she say this document she from you me am living south Africa but am a Congolese

    1. Hello,

      we are not Facebook. we just providing Contact info of Facebook. But Be careful it is Scam. Please block that user ASAP.

  2. Hi there how can i contact facebook support via phone call? I’d like to call to the customer support . Emails and other forms doesn’t work properly .

  3. Hey my account is block said that i m using diff name and age which is not in my id wen i made my account it was not mentioned that u have to write your original name and birthdate we will ask for your id in between n lock your account please help someone how to contact facebook headquater coz i have soo many memorable photo which are lost now i feel like

    Mob no 9867350350

  4. I dont know how injured i m feeling there are soo many fake facebook ppl who disturds girl harrase them facebook didnt ever took action against them i m tourched my facebook management i just need my photo which are family photo please help me

  5. Hi am having trouble with my Facebook account went I do all the recovery process it’s ask me what day I make my facebook page an I don’t know an went they send me the security code I couldn’t receive it because my phone is out of service. Please help me .thank u

  6. Hello Facebook, I have endeavoured to call from Australia several times with no success to connect to a real person. My reason for calling is to seek assistance with my written request to establish the origin of the IP address of the person who successfully replicated my site with the aim of defaming me and my business

    My written request to Facebook through the required Chanel remains without a reply. Your assistance is very much appreciated – with thanks

  7. I see no choice for “Nothing To Show” regarding my Facebook friends list when some random person wants to see my friends, they can. I want to put a block for this but do not see a block for this. Help me please. Thank you. PS I am a 64 year old computer dunce.

  8. Hi my name is jehna. My account has been suspended temporarily as i had requested for a new name. But facebook is taking too much time to change it and i am not being able to use my facebook account because of that. Now i have change my mind not to change my name as i want to log in to my account. I have relatives abroad i can’t even communicate with them. Could you please help me to get my account back normal. Please and for instance i am using a friend account. Please i want to log in to my account. Please help me to log in. My facebook email address is :

  9. Hi my name is Nora my account is block is not fair I report many fake ppl.
    And many Scammer who has asking me for money and I’m the one who got block.
    I want somebody to desactive my account please and delete my pictures.
    Thank you!

  10. Hey my account has been blocked.. they asked me to upload my id i am done with that but still my account has not been open

  11. A very deer friend of mine as been scamed through Facebook. My name is Glenn Ehler, her name is Inez Bailey and lives in Charlottetown PEI Canada. In short she was convinced she had won a sum of money $150,000 USD. She at first did not believe this of course but then in conversation with a friend of hers also on facebook she became convinced it was true. Of course her friends account had been hacked and used to convince her. She contacted these people who claim to be representing facebook. After sending them a $2000 USD adminastration fee she then was told she would have to pay the tax on the money to the IRS. Inez had sent every Dollor she had, an amount around $18,000. We obviously have sence learned it is a scam, but the cons do not as yet know that we know. She is still in contact with this man that goes by the name Adam Troy Webb. She tells him she is trying to get the final payment together. The funds have been sent through Moneygram and she has all the paper work to suport the funds being sent. His email is Dalen440@gmail.com a text # for him is 1-612-584-1637 and a phone # for him is 1-301-349-6202 that comes up Poolville MD. Inez has also contacted the Police in Charletown PEI and has been requested to take her computer to them tomorrow April 07. I know Facebook is not responceable for these scams but I am hoping that you can some how find it in your harts to help her in some way. Inez lives on a disability penson of just over $800 CDN a month and relied on the savings she had to subsidize her income for her medacation and food untill she reaches 65 in 3 years in which time she the will receive the Canadian Old age security. She lives alone in an apartment and the rent is $700 CDN a month. as you can see with out her savings she can not survive. She has no where to go and no one that has the means to help her. She has been going through this for weeks and in fact had borrowed a sum of money from me to help pay the so called Taxes. This woman is going to end up with no place to live very soon. I BEG of you, can you please help recover some of her money or provide her help in some other way. I have done for her all I can and live in another province (Nova Scotia) I will give you her contact information. Inez Bailey 1-902-892-1857 email inezbailey@eastlink.ca My contact information is as above. Again is there any way that Facebook can help Inez..Please. Thank you for thaking the time to address this.

  12. I wanted too much friend but if I send friend request not wasn’t send.and my facebook id name alamgir hossain and email id istcgloba network so I wanted please you help me. if you help me very happy and pray for you company.

  13. Hey sir I am engr taimur Hasan yousufzai ..and this is my Facebook I’d ..I think some one has hack my account plz recover it..its doesn’t recover… Plz help ..what should I do.

  14. Facebook is extremely amazing. I advertised a page for $3,00 and now I get billed for $25,00. How is that possiblke? Now this $25,00 is blocking any adverts I want to make for the page. Please help

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