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Dell Service Center in Alabama: Dell Laptop, Desktop and Printer Service Center

Dell is one of the leading computer and laptop brand in the world. Over the years, the compatibilities and performance of Dell laptops and computers have improved a lot. But even with all the improvement and upgradation in memory, power and capacity the various problems still occur quite frequently. In case you are a Dell user living in Alabama, you can seek help regarding your Dell laptop or PC through the Dell customer support helpline. However, a limited number of issues can only be solved online, for most of the issues you need to visit the Dell service center in Alabama.

Here in this article, we are listing some of the key issues that can be resolved in Dell service center in Alabama and what its other benefits are.

Common Issues that can be resolved at Dell Service Center in Alabama

Hardware Problems

  1. Dell Laptop Battery Doesn’t Last

This happens quite often that laptop’s battery starts to drain very quickly after a certain period of usage. This issue can be related to the battery or the charger itself.

Solution: One of the simplest fix to this issue that you should try and check if there is any application or software that is draining out the battery? If yes, uninstall it immediately.  In case the issue still continues, you can visit the Dell service center in Alabama and get it resolved by expert technicians.

  1. Loud Fan or Heating up of Laptop/Computer followed by shut down

Dell Laptops are pretty compatible and easy to carry; this can lead to a limited air intake to the fan or dragging of dust at the cooling system. Due to this limited airflow and dust, a Dell laptop may sometime start to heat up and eventually shutdown.

Solution: As these types of issues require a technician to open your laptop, it is advised that you should visit the authorized Dell service center in Alabama or at any other location. However, some precautions can be taken such as using the laptop at a hard, clean and flat surface, regularly cleaning the laptop or computer so that dust cannot get accumulated at the heat sink.

  1. Black Screen

It is also a very common when a user switches on the laptop or PC and hears the processor and fan running, but the screen is black.

Solution: As a user, you can try and reboot the system or check the power cord. In case the issue is not resolved then the problem might be related to the internal technical glitches which can be solved at the Dell Service center at Alabama.

Software Problems

  1. Laptop getting Slow

This is the most common issue faced by the laptop users around the world, these types of problems are generally caused due to the space of hard drives, malwares and other equipment failures

Solution: The technicians at Dell service center in Alabama can help you defrag your hard drive, add more RAM and make several other adjustments to optimize your laptop for a better speed and performance.

  1. Obsolete Software

Obsolete software refers to an error when software doesn’t work after a hardware and software update. In simple words, a software become obsolete when it gets replaced by a newer or better version


All the latest drivers and software are available at the Dell Service Center in Alabama which you get installed in your Dell laptop for a hassle free computing.

Other Key Features of Dell Service Center in Alabama

  1. Strong Customer Service Environment

The well trained customer service representatives at Dell service center in Alabama provide full customer satisfaction and two way communication for a better resolution of your problems.

  1. Reasonable Pricing Policy

The most affordable pricing policy is followed by the Dell service center in Alabama. The service center charges most reasonable rates for the services without any hidden costs and charges.

  1. Less waiting time

There are a lot of trained technicians and staff at the Dell service center in Alabama so you don’t have to wait in long queues to get your issues resolved. In case your laptop needs to be submitted at the service center, the Turn Around Time (TAT) to repair the laptop is also quite low.

  1. Expert Technicians

The technicians in Dell service center in Alabama are well trained and highly qualified professionals having deep understanding and knowledge about laptops and computer peripherals.  You don’t have to worry about the security of your laptop or data while getting it repaired by the technicians here.

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