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Customer Service & Support for AOL

AOL is one of the leading service providers for Emails. AOL is one the most used platform for Email services across United States. The reason for popularity of AOL Email is its free web based email services. AOL Email services are sometimes referred as AIM mail also the AIM stands for AOL instant messenger.

The AOL Email provides many exciting features at no cost as well:

  • AOL provides unlimited email storage capacity.
  • You can make attachments up to 25 MB with the message.
  • There is no account expiry or inactivity.
  • Protection from Spam
  • Protection from Viruses.

Technical support for AOL paid members:

If you are a paid member of AOL Email service then you may take support from AOL for 24*7 by various methods such as:

  • Customer support through live chat by Experts.
  • Customer support through phone on 1-800-827-6364.

If you are not a premium customer than you may take support by asking the question on solution media like Facebook or Twitter. You may also ask the question by experts on the link provided below and search for help online


If these methods also do not work out for you then you may also take help from any technical support company.

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