Carnival Cruises Customer Service Phone Number

Founded in 1972 and based in Doral, Florida, Carnival is well-known British-American owned cruise line. Today the company has grown into a big brand and leader in the concept of shorter and affordable cruises. In the year 1996, the ship was counted as the largest passenger ship in the world. The company is dedicated in providing the finest comfort to the passenger and thus they keep on implementing innovative technology so that their ship would perform better. Any queries if you have related to their service can be clarified with the help of their customer support representative. You can speak to their representative whenever you experience the requirement. Complete contact details of Carnival Cruises are mentioned below and just by following these details you can get access of their customer service department. Without getting any hesitation, feel free to ask your queries as they will support you exactly as per your necessity. The process you are required to follow while contacting with their specialist is extremely easy. Simply retrieve their helpline number from our website, call on the same from your mobile or landline and keep on pressing 0 until you are redirected to their customer support department. Time to call their customer support department is from Monday to Friday in between 8:30am-5:30pm EST and on Saturday.

Carnival Cruises Service Contact Details

Customer Service Number:   800-929-6400

Customer Service Page:  Click Here


Representatives of Carnival Cruises are extremely friendly and always love to assist their customers in best possible way. So don’t get hesitated while asking your queries with them. It may take some time based on the complexity of problem so don’t get worried if it is taking time to resolve query.  You’ll get instant resolution of your query in case your problem is not so complex and can be resolved in shortest possible time. So use the service offered by Carnival Cruises and for any complexity you can get help from their representative.