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AVG Customer Service Helpline Contact Phone Number

AVG Technologies is a Czech company founded by Jan Gritzbach and Tomas Hofer in the year 1991. It has its corporate offices in Europe as well as United States. The company deals in computer security software. It has given immense competition to other computer security software such as Avira, McAfee, etc. Call on AVG customer care number USA to get connected with the best tech support team. You can contact them anytime of the day from anywhere across the globe to get information about the products. If you have any problem with the software, you can call to clarify your doubts.

AVG Customer Service Number USA: +1 855 261 6192

AVG Customer Service Number UK: +44 800 096 7734

AVG Business Support Helpline Number: +44 163 665 8044

With its advanced technology and user friendly software, the company has created a large client base. Now they have millions of customers all around the world. However, technical people easy download the software and use it, but the layman find hard to install it and thus need technical support. The toll free AVG customer care number USA provided here is the best solution to all your queries related to AVG’s software. You can call on this number anytime of the day for instant support by the certified technicians. You can get more contact details here. So call now to get rid of technical problems.

AVG Official Support Page Link: http://www.avg.com/ww-en/support

6 thoughts on “AVG Customer Service Helpline Contact Phone Number

  1. i purchest avg tune up but have not recieve any download links or links the licence number i got was TMNZT_G234S-7IQSP-AJIQU-OUQ4N-ETNLE

  2. Clive Robinson says:

    I purchased 2 years of AVG internet security. on 10/7/15 order number 35-5730997
    It messed up my computer which uses windowsXP and microsoft 2003 software.
    My outlook emails would not send or receive.
    It cost me £70 to get a repair to the emails
    Also if I try to use skype, my PC crashes. showing a screen with white text on a blue background.

    Have you had this problem reported before ?
    Have I made a bad purchase ?
    Wil AVG repair my PC and re-imburse my £70 ?
    Can you send me a normal email address?

  3. John Thompson says:

    I have a main computer and a lap top in October you took £29.99 out of my Debit card and then £39.99 from my Credit card card, you are now telling me my security runs out in January

  4. Barry Arnfield says:

    This lap top has not been used for several months and on boot up the AVG update screen has suddenly appeared. I did not ask for this and was expecting to use a youtube screen. The screen is virtually unusable as it takes 1/4 of the bottom right hand screen and clocking on the ‘x’ will not remove it neither will rebooting. Please construct me on how to remove it and also de-register any request you may have had (I don’t know how as the machine has not been used for months) to upgrade. I can only just reach the send button on the screen

  5. I purchased AVG internet security March 28, 2016 for a year(IM9FN-L3746-OB9SZ-QE9UH-ZEYOC-EYFEC), when I check on 4/11/2016, the security program had stated that my computer was only partial protected, I clicked to fix, there were no response. I called for tech support only to be told that your program doesn’t cover my computer because of the window’s 10 up grade. However if I pay a one time fee the tech will fix it for me. I asked to speak to the supervisor, stated that AVG should have accepted my money if couldn’t protect my computer and demanded my money back. She told me that if I took the program off, my computer would be corrupted, its better to get it fix, she would make me a deal, she would charge me $119 to fix it and give one additional year of protection. I agreed, she charged my credit card then had a tech fix the security program so the computer is fully protected. She told me that I would receive a receipt of payment via email within 24 hrs with additional year of protection. Today is 4/13/16, still have not received payment confirmation nor additional year of coverage. Order number:

  6. Kim Paulsen says:

    Please help me
    Hello AVG

    I think there is a misunderstanding.

    I do not want this subscribtion from May 2016.

    AVG Order reference number: 701-2927444

    Please close this program and my account instantly and send my money, 44,99 EURO just noticed on my bank account, back. Thank you.

    I look forward to receive a confirmation from you promptly so every is clear. I don´t want this program/servise now or in future.

    Best regards