AT & T Email Password Recovery Step by Step

AT & T is well known and leading communication corporation that have constantly deliver innovative, reliable, top-notch services and products to their worldwide users. This company is considered as one of the most powerful and superior network provider and offered various wireless, internet, digital services to the global customers and businesses. It has created its own web portal in 1995 which named as and helpful to consumers to access various internet and email services. Today numbers of people are using this web portal and keep enjoying its mail services.

But there are also the times when some users lost/ forget their AT& T email password. It makes them unable to login and send/receive email messages. If you are one of those users who forget AT &T email password and want to recover it, here we describe some easy steps which can help you to regain the access of your email account.

  1. First of all, you need to open you’re at &t home page.
  2. Now visit “forgot password” page.
  3. Choose “password” button.
  4. Here in used id section, type your AT&T complete email address.
  5. After entering all details click on “continue”
  6. Now here you will be ask for to choose the way of your AT&T password recovery. You have two alternate options.
  • Send me a temporary password: if you want to receive temporary AT &T password on your registered alternate email address then you can choose this option. Doing this you will receive a new password on your optional email address but remember one thing this password is not accessible to open your email box.
  • I will answer my security questions: in this option you need to give answers of some particular questions that you have been selected when you firstly create your email account.
  1. Reset AT &T password:
  • If you select the way of receiving password on alternate email, it was sent to your email id. Now save the temporary password and type it in the field given. A massage to make your permanent password will show in your screen page. Now step wise step follow the instructions to make your permanent email password. If somehow you close that window without performing those steps, then you can choose that temporary password single time by going to the myAT&T login page. You will then be provoked to create permanent address.
  • If you select the option of answering security questions, then simply type your answers and reset new password.

After completely all steps, you will see a confirmation massage that your password has been reset successfully. Now you can easily access your email account with new password.

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