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Trivago Customer Service Phone Number

Trivago enables its users to search varieties of hotels based on the type, facility, price across the world. It is a popular travel website where you can compare price tag of various hotels. By doing so, you’ll have short idea about hotel quality, feature and price; this will help you in choosing the best hotel as per your requirement and budget. Here you are allowed to compare more than 700,000 hotels across 200 booking sites. The portal was launched in 2005 by three people namely, Malte Siewert, Rolf Schrömgens and Peter Vinnemeier. In 2007, this was launched in France, Spain and UK. In 2009, the site has become available in China, America, Brazil, Japan and Mexican. Search hotel based on hotel location, room type and date, you’ll find a large list appeared on the screen including relevant details.

Trivago Customer Service Contact Details

Customer Service Number: 212-208-1439

Customer Service Page:   Click Here

Website: http://www.trivago.com/

As Trivago is a travel website, so confusion may create at any point of time with customers. That’s why customer support service is offered by Trivago where you can easily get rid of your personal queries. Any queries, no matter whether it is related to your previous booking, new booking, price, availability, hotel features, refund, discount or cancellation, we welcome you to speak with their customer service representative. We are listing out the complete customer service contact info for Trivago along with their phone number, email, website etc. So go through these details, it’ll definitely helpful for you.

Who we are? We are the most renowned and trusted online contact info provider portal where you are allowed to fetch out the customer service contact details of almost every company across the world.  These details are actually collected by our professionals after their long research.  We are not only a trusted portal but a global leader in this particular domain. Wed always consider customer’s concern and that’s we keep on doing our best so that we could serve them in unique and best possible approach.




31 thoughts on “Trivago Customer Service Phone Number

  1. Mrs. Darly Phyoe says:

    When the guest book Hotel Yadanarbon via Hotels.com on Trivago website, it goes to wrong hotel – Royal Yadanarbon.

    Please visit the “http://www.trivago.com/mandalay-85861/hotel/yadanarbon-2787906″.

    The guest actually make booking for ” Hotel Yadanarbon “, but it goes to ” Royal Yadanarbon “.

    This is the big issue that the guest become not satisfied with Hotels.com as they have to stay at not the hotel they book.

    Please tell us where we need to contact to solve this important issue.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    Management Team
    Hotel Yadanarbon

    • Samer Madanar says:

      I made a reservation for the Holiday Inn Resort at the Dead Sea in Jordan.. went to check in at the front desk & they informed me that I wasn’t a guest and the Hotel I was booked at another hotel… I need a full refund as soon as possible.

      How can I speak to a live operator and do u have an email address for customer service?

  2. Sharon Lamprey says:

    I made a reservation on your web site last night and when I inquired on your web site using my name and card info , there was no record of the reservation . It was at Howard Johnson in Carlisle PA starting on 6/25 checkout on 6/28. I was unable to get anyone at the hotel to answer the phone, I never received an email with confirmation ( sherrimarie413@aol.com) I have felt with several travel sites and this is by far the worst ever ! We are traveling to attend a funeral , making a stressful trip worse, thanks !

  3. I am a manager at Eron Hotel in Nairobi and cant access the bookings that have been made through Trivago.com. I have tried to access it through trivago.zendesk.com but aint making any progress. Can you please let me know how i can access the bookings made on my hotel?

  4. I made a reservation on Trivago on Thursday 7/30/2015, I have not received a confirmation of the reservation nor has the hotel I booked at. What do I do?

    • I called circus circus to confirm my reservation,,,nothing on there systems,,,I’m really worry about this

  5. We booked through trivago at the cascade in. It was so dirty and a major health risk. We are sitting at a McDonald’s trying to book a new hotel but everywhere is full. I really need helping booking a hotel for tonight.
    Please help!

  6. Richard Bruno says:

    Please let me know if I have a reservation booked at Nickeledeon Resorts Orlando. from 12/17/15-12/20/15. Please confim you have this reservation booked. Thank you.

  7. James Wolobah says:

    I booked a hotel through Trivago and my card has been charged $210.00. I am not going anymore. I called the Hotel but the phone is busy. How can I get refund??

  8. hi sir/meedam

    Subjet : My Appatment on rent with Trivago

    my sweet home {FLAT} WIth fully furnish with 2AC , 3LED, wosingmasin , Wifi system .and ahmedbad airpot only 3km and Apollo hospital is 2km pleas contact my mobail number 8488881093/9978948958.

  9. Barbara Douglas says:

    I made a reservation at best Western in c Columbus Ohio and I put in the right date in it switched I would like some help with this please

  10. Vivienne Hamill Ireland says:

    I booked a hotel in malaga Salles hotel and i have deleted the email with the voucher could you please send me another voucher dated 20 the 21 march, 2016 thanks vivienne

  11. Jean Palapag says:

    Please check Grand Excelsior Hotel Sharjah, when you click the hotel it gives you Premier inn Information.

  12. JUDITH MCNEAR says:

    I want to know if Trivago has an office in Salt Lake City, Utah. They contacted us to buy our time share. The managers name is Jayden Martinez, the saleman. Are they a legal company? Thank you.

    • Judith, my wife and I have the same question/concern! We suspect, as probably you do, that we are being scammed. A red flag was raised today when we were asked to ‘wire’ money to cover the cost of a “certificate
      of release”… Does this sound familiar? Is Jayden representing himself as a Trivago employee? We are going to investigate this further and will probably be forwarding all of our information to Utah’s State Attorney General’s office if this turns out to be a scam.

      • Renald Vachon says:

        Same thing happened to us. Trivago is supposed to buy our timeshare in Mexico for 31,500.00 u.s. We signed documents for transfer. But now, in order to complete the transaction, they ask us to send 10% of the amount, 3,150.00 u.s. to “Mexican Government” to get a “certificate of release”. We proposed to deduct the 3,150.00 of the 31,500.00 that we are supposed to receive at the closing. They say that it is not possible because fees must be paid first.
        It’s sure that it’s a scam.
        The real Trivago must react because it’s an usurpation of identity.
        I can send all phone numbers and emails to help Real Trivago and protect a lot of persons

        • just happened to me, too. Jayden Martinez (or whatever his REAL name is) just tried to make an offer to purchase the remaining years on my time share. He claims the business model is totally legit but that’s where it ends. They refer you to a bogus “escrow” company (Real Estate Brokerage Co in Lakewood, Colorado) to steer the transaction through to completion and hit you with bogus fees all the way through. You’ll never see any proceeds, only pay fees. Unfortunately, we actually paid the certificate of release fee. I’m reporting them to the Utah and Colorado (where the escrow company claims to have offices) attorneys general, as well as the FBI and BBB. Timeshare owners BEWARE!!!

    • I have to same thing – I think it is fake

  13. Antonio sanchez says:

    We have booked a reservation and wishes to cancel it.
    Please advice ok how we can do that

  14. Just waste of time. No service either trivago or pho toomd

  15. Hi I make the reservation in ocean city is charge 2 time and the hotel say no have reservation I need my money back am really mad about that

  16. Sharon Brady says:

    Five days ago I made a reservation using Trivago. I called Habitat Suites in Austin just now to verify and they have no record of my reservation through Trivago. While speaking with the reservation desk I then made my reservations. Wherever my reservation went with you before it is now canceled. Be sure to call Habitat Suites in Austin when you find out what happened to my previous reservation. I sure am glad I decided to call their reservation desk direct and ask about this since it did not exist. Do not charge my credit card. Send me a reply to let me know you have followed my instructions. Thank you, Sharon Brady

  17. I am very disappointed with Trivago. I booked 3 hotels and they were all SOLD OUT as I was hitting the confirmation number. Then the last hotel finally takes, and I get an email that there was an error and the res. didn’t go through.

    I have contacted Trivago 2 x to no avail, and it’s been over a week.

    Very very disappointed. And no physical phone number that is not disconnected. GRRRRRR

  18. I booked a hotel thru trivago. Hotel has no reservation and email has not been received, but credit card has been charged. Please make trivago more secure I’m sure this was a scam and would really appreciate my money back. A customer service agent would be helpful! Also please list ALL company’s that trivago goes thru!!

  19. I have been trying for 3 days to cancel a reservation. The phone number doesn’t work and the hotel says they see my reservation but can’t cancel it themselves. Please advise!

  20. I made a reservation thru Trivago..then it re-routed me to Amamo.com….I phoned the hotel, they can’t find my record. Is this company fake or? Please assist me, my credit card has been charged.

  21. John bathgate says:

    I made reservations for a friend and used my cc . When my friend tried to check in today he was told he had to show the cc that I used to secure reservations. Never happens this way before . I’m not only embarrassed but I want a explanation from both trevago and the hotel .

  22. Made a booking with Trivago, called hotel to confirm, no room booked and the price jumped by over $100 for the stay we wanted….
    Do something Trivago, this is on you, we now have no room booked and we are two weeks out from vacation.
    What a joke

  23. I booked hotel room at Mumbai but Hotel has no reservation and email has not been received, but credit card has been charged. Please make trivago more secure I’m sure this was a scam and would really appreciate my money back.also customer care sevices could not interact in hindi and also in English .

  24. may i know i want to change my booking date for hotel how to do it? got any contact for malaysia? or any website to contact?

  25. Trivago can you guys please find me a hotel that is cheaper maximum R9000 at Durban near the beach at north side it’s for eight days from 24 December 2017 to 1 January 2018 it’s for me n my wife…please do that as soon as possible