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Top five search engines in the world

Search engine is privileged as the groundwork of Internet as it is the fastest way of finding the information about any product or service over the Internet with ease. Today, it has become the necessity of people because they don’t need to move here and there to gather the information about anything. Due to its enormous demand, numbers of search engines are available over the Internet but here are the top five search engines available that are celebrated for their first-rate service:



Google is a major and perhaps the leading search engine integrated with an array of applications. Its development process began as a research project by Larry Page and Search Brin but today it is the foremost alternative of individuals.



Yahoo, a search engine giant, is not solely reorganized as the search engine but also a news aggregator, an emailing platform, a horoscope, games center and many more. It is the second broadly accepted search engine; the first is Google.



Bing is a prominent search engine launched by Microsoft in 2009. It was previously recognized as Live search, Windows Live Search and MSN search. It is known for its cool features such as backgrounds and provides an accurate result of your search.



Officially introduced as “Ask Jeeves”, it was founded in 1996 by David Warthen and Garrett Gruener with the basic aim of allowing customers to get answers of their specific question in natural language. According to the analysis done by Alexa on April 2014, it is the 31st most preferred search engine worldwide.


Duck Duck Go

As the private search engine, DuckDuckGo has been delivering an amazing searching experience to the users since its establishment. It is loaded with terrific features that deliver smarter answers of user’s searched queries. The best thing about this search engine is it always keeps on trying to add some incredible feature so that it would deliver its performance beyond user’s hope.

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