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Are you new to Spotify? Having some issues with this service or unable to understand the features of spotify? Are you looking for official customer support helpline numbers of Spotify but incapable to figure it out? Well here is the end of all your worries as we have provided the complete Spotify contact details at our website for the concern of our prestigious clients. Choosing us is the right option for you in order to prevent yourself from the hassle of finding authentic contact numbers of any organization because the information available on our portal is fully authentic and was collected from the official sources and directories. In case you are seeking for Spotify customer service helpline phone numbers just dial the below listed number and talk with their executive directly.

Spotify Customer Service Number: N/A

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Spotify is a leading free music internet streaming service providing digital rights management limited content from the record labels including Warner music group, Sony, EMI and Universal. The service was started in October, 2008 by Swedish startup Spotify and after two years this service had about 10 million users including more than 2.5 million users with paid subscriptions. Presently spotify have near about 40 million users with over 10 million paid subscribers. Spotify have many additional and unique features like one can edit and create his/her own play list and it also allows you to save your favorite tracks to your laptop/computer so that you can play them without any internet access.

If you want to get more details about this music website and its services, you may use the Spotify contact center helpline numbers for convenience and better knowledge.

3 thoughts on “Spotify Customer Service Phone Contact Info

  1. Someone needs to contact me ASAP, my account information was stolen and was used to make a purchase from you. I did not make this purchase and I want my money back. I also want the name of the person who made the purchase so that I can prosecute. If there are suppose to be future payments made DO NOT USE MY ACCOUNT TO DO IT!!!
    My name is Terrill Rice and I have been trying to call you on the phone number that was given to my account company, Of course no answer. I do not know what kind of business you are but to not have a phone number for people to call for this kind of stuff is really not good and makes you look really bad. My phone number is (435)531-0599 I fully expect that some one will be calling me within the next couple of days to resolve this issue, if you do not and you ignore me I will take further action against you as well. Thank you

  2. I had to refresh my computer so can I get my spotify back with all my music

  3. Robert Bolognese says:

    I’ve been blocked by FB for 7 days . But still want to listen to my Spotify music . How can I get into Spotify without using my FB account . Please get back to me soon . I know there’s a way I can connect to Spotify without going thru FB but I don’t know how . HELP ME . Cause I’m probably gonna cancel my FB account anyway .

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