Contact Gmail Customer Service and Support Contact Details

Gmail is one of the ancient web-mail that offered by Google. It was primarily introduce to the world in the year 2004. Within these years Gmail acquired more than 450 millions of customers across the world. It is more than the customer count of previously launched outlook mail/ hotmail. On its launching time Gmail offers 10MB storage capacity for users, think that at that time (i.e. in the year 2004) its competitors yahoo mail and hotmail offers storage space below 5 MB. Gmail mail can be access with POP3 (Post office protocol) and IMAP4 (Internet Message Access protocol) services. The well-known feature of Gmail is its customer care support. Always a good customer care support is the milestone of every working organization. It helps to dilute the customers’ problems very effectively.

Gmail -Unbeatable Features

Certainly a customer seeks the features at first. Gmail offers plentiful integrated features. The few of such features are instant messaging, Gmail mobile applications and offline Gmail, spam filter, password recovery services from Gmail Help Center, account security from spam and spyware, password security systems like two stem verification, etc.

Gmail labs- Gmail lab is an integrated pack of various surplus features that containing bookmarking and starring of messages, custom key-board etc. It was an experimental application of Gmail tech engineers. Whatever it was an excellent successful application. For making a distinguish identity users can Bookmark or starring messages the mails or messages. This application will help the users get a unique identity of the messages at one glance. The keyboard shortcut is another dominant feature of Gmail. It helps the users to access the Gmail mail easily. For instance, for sending messages you can choose the keyboard shortcut (cntrl + enter). This keyboard system seems more convenient to the users than moving the mouse towards to the send button and clicking it. If in doubt or need more expert guidance Contact the Gmail technical support.

Gmail mobile applications

A recent survey in the cyber world reveals that 75% of persons are using internet through the mobile. Yup it’s certainly right, mobile usage of application is more flexible and reliable. That is the reason why Gmail engineers develops the mobile applications for Androids, Mac, java enabled phones, blackberry and windows phone. The one underlying fact of this mobile application is, Gmail allows users to access through the offline system. With the aid of this offline Gmail system the users can read and compose the messages while in offline mode too. Dial the Gmail customer Service Number for more applications

You can Contact with Gmail help center through Gmail Help Pages or Gmail Help Forum. There is no Direct Phone Line for Gmail Support. But You can Contact with Third Party Gmail Support Service.

Google Customer Service Help Center Toll Free Number: 1-800-466-4411

Gmail is one of the most popular free email service providers in the Globe. Gmail is Safe and Secure Email System.  You can store 5 GB Data on Gmail and you can access your Gmail account from any devices like Desktop, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet etc. Google provide lots of features within Gmail Like: Gmail Customer Service

Chat: In this option you can chat with other Gmail users and also you can use video chat.

Send message:  This is latest feature of Gmail; you can Send Messages through your Gmail Account.

Custom Theme: These Features allow you to change the Gmail account theme.

Now if you having any trouble with Gmail account you contact with Gmail. Gmail do not provide any phone Support for Gmail but there is lots of rescores for Gmail Help.

Useful links for Gmail Support

I can’t access my account: if you are not able to access your Gmail account or Forgot password, Username, account compromised, or any other issues so please visit this link

 If you want to create Free Gmail account or having any account related query you can visit  this link. Here Google provide complete solution for any Gmail related query.

Google/Gmail Contact Details:  if you want to contact with Google or Gmail contact at following Google address;

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043

Google contact Number:  Phone:  +1 650 253 0000 | fax: +1 650 253 0001

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  1. sir meri gmail id hack kar li gayi hai
    kisi ne paassword change kar diya
    iska solution kya hai

  2. Sharad Gautam says:

    Please I’m unable to access my Gmail, I changed my phone and can’t remember my password, tried recovering it but couldn’t, it’s showing an alternate email & i haven’t set any. The last password I could remember. Please kindly find a solution to it cos it’s my official email and without having access to it I can’t have access to a lot of things.
    I have forgotten my password of this email id: “”
    I have tried too many attempts but not succeeded. I m using my old mobile number. With this id i have turned on 2 step verification with the same mobile number. but i’m unable to access this mail id.
    I’ll be so happy if it’s been solved early.

  3. We have create the gmail account on feb 7 16. but we forgot the user name and password. how can we find the user name. ca you anyone help

  4. My gmail account has been disabled , don’t know why . Please help me out

  5. Naresh Chintha says:

    Hi Sir.
    THis is Naresh Chintha, I am using gmail account since 2008 regularly. But, unfortunately today my gmail account has been disabled. I don’t know why it was disabled. Please help me to reactivate that account because it is very important for me………..

    thanking you

  6. Jayesh sakare says:

    Sir i forgot my gmail password(…and i try so many times in gmail recovery page…but the info he want is not possible to remember …and this gmail ac is very important to me because everywhere is use this ac….so pls hepl me…its very important to me……..hope for help….thank u…gmail….MARK

  7. I can’t access my account (, The number i used in opening the google mail, i used it when they asked for my phone number so i can continue but its telling me “This phone number cannot be used for verification” and i need to print out something important in it. i have even used different phone number to get the code but all to no avail, please come to my aid very important and urgent.

  8. p.satish kumar says:

    Respected sir, I have faced lot problem with while login gmail,main problem is disable ,because at a time 2times login the gmail….please help sir….
    Name:p.satish kumar,
    Cell no.:+917799159598.India,andhrapradesh.
    Email I’

    • Hello, I have faced lot of problems wi th Gmail ,my account was hacked by someone and I cant change my password what should I do my mobile was reseted and without my Gmail account I cant access my mobile also please hlep me

  9. n chandra naik says:

    sir i cant access to my account ie: please connect a service to thise account its very important its urgent to need log in my account…………………. p[lease help sir
    iam not enable to understanding why thise type of activity on in my account…………… please re-connect the my account p[lease sir……………………………………….its very very urgentmy contack no:7386111072 8801125803

  10. siddhesh bhor says:

    I can’t access my Gmail account. Don’t know why. There is a erry. can’t access my both Id at,all.

  11. i had saved a conversation of whatsapp in my gmail drafts by clicking on email conversation on my watsapp chat. now, when i am opening it in drafts the email is their in drafts bt their is no conversation. can you please tell me if their is any way of getting it?

  12. hello…mam

    My Gmaill account problem as same as ur gmail acount ….plz search any solution
    plzzz help me

    (My Gmail account blocked after using a new laptop to login. I’m not sure about the questions asked in the Form as it’s an old account. How can I activate it as the form filling option in not working for me. I’m from India and how can i contact support here?)

    Reply me on

  13. Respected my gmail id is blocked due to action requiered for recovery i dont no procedure how to recovary plz help me sir its urgent.

  14. khalid tanweer says:

    my gmail id is i have forgotten my password or somebody hacked,in which i have very important data .Unfortunately i have lost alternate or helping Gmail Id .I was getting my 2-step verification code on my no. 7827604052. and my new gmail id is

    khalid tanweer

  15. lease I’m unable to access my Gmail, I changed my phone and can’t remember my password, tried recovering it but couldn’t, it’s showing an alternate email & i haven’t set any. The last password I could remember. Please kindly find a solution to it cos it’s my official email and without having access to it I can’t have access to a lot of things.
    I have forgotten my password of this email id: “”
    I have tried too many attempts but not succeeded. I m using my old mobile number. With this id i have turned on 2 step verification with the same mobile number. but i’m unable to access this mail id.
    I’ll be so happy if it’s been solved early.

  16. shravan kumar says:

    I am unable to access my gmail account from just 5days . I also tried to recover this mail but it is not possible from my side.this email account is very very important for me.
    So could you suggest something because this email is very important for me and i have many other account which are only access by this account so please give your contact number(gmail support)
    shravan kumar

  17. Yogesh Nikam says:

    I am yogesh Nikam my gmail account is disabale so please active my mail id and send new password my register contact no. 9767401422

  18. Hello my mother’s phone is being looked. After reset it is asking for gmail account but forgot that. Her full name is nazma huda. How can i retrieve her gmail address? Please help

  19. Timothy mfon Inwang says:

    Hello sir,
    Please I want you to help me to restoring my gmail account ( which you send a text message to mobile phone( +2348055466785 )that you suspected someone as login my account with a difference ip
    Please I want to inform you that they is no hacker that as hack into my account it was an error which was brought from antivirus I store in my system , so please they is nobody . please help me to restore my account also please cancel all the security that as to with my gmail account so that this problem will not happen again with account
    Please below are my front and back of my national identity card, international passport , and my current bank statement for verification of my account in order to restore my account back please, also I have tried so many time with help page but information and the ip does not match with the ip you are talking about also I cannot remember the year and the month I create my account, please it is antivirus that brought this problem that change ip they is nobody that login my account with another ip and the internet provider is in Nigeria ,your suspect was an error from antivirus I store in my system,

    Thanks for your cooperation and under standing
    Timothy Mfon Inwang

  20. Hi team..
    im not able to login my account due to disabled for a suspicious activity but I don’t know what kind of activity have u found in my account. .so kindly get the account enabled asap.
    8285476697. .
    Contact me if required. ..

  21. Hi Sir/Madam,

    My Name is Shashi. We have purchases some google email id for our company domain.
    While registering there was a mismatch with the Registered Name and the User name .
    The ABC needs to be changes to def.
    Kindly need help on that .

    Contact email is :

    Awaiting for the reply at the earliest

  22. Yaski sushma says:

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    Kindly note that i am using But from 25.04.2016 this id is disabled. I have tired all the ways to enable it but I can’t resolve the problem. Kindly look into the matter & help me out. I am having various data of mailes in this id. So this id is very important for me.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Yaski sushma

  23. Sir,

    My gmail id is i have delated my mails on yesterday (25/4/016)kindly recover and do the needful.



    sir i have my correct user name and password of . but i can not access it. i don’t know what went wrong . i have the recovery email address and registered mobile no. with it. I have tried too many attempts but not succeeded . it is my official email id. please help my mobile no-+919616210821

  25. Sumedha Sardana says:


    My email ID is i looged on it from my work laptop and sent an email and after a couple of minutes my account got deactivated.
    This account was made 7-8 years ago, so the recovery questions are not really helping. I have my phone number also registered if that can help.
    Also its an important account as I give it out for all important communications. Please help.

    Sumedha Sardana

  26. Anu Gambhir says:

    Dear Team,

    I am Anu Gambhir. I am using my gmail account since 2011. I am satisfied with your all services.but today (30 Apr 2016) at around 8 am some hacked my account & changed my all personal details like contact number or recovery Email id. due to that i have facing to many problems.
    Now i have recover my Email accounts through security verification method.
    After recovery When i opened my email id i received google email regards this device (New sign-in from Chrome on ASUS Z00LD) and this device not in my knowledge. Can i get any information about this device user.
    Thank you 🙂

  27. Rajneesh sahu says:

    sir suddenly my email id has been stopped i can not understand so what can i do plz help and next time not any creat problem in my account so sir please help me thanks

  28. chandan singh says:

    sir i have not recived step 2 verification code so what i do bcoz i have not login my account.. please help me…

  29. Salam Damola says:

    Kindly help to recover my password, I have forgotten my my password and I can’t remember the recovery email because the email address was opened for me by ex girlfriend. I have answered questions to the best of my knowledge, the phone number no attached to the email is no longer in use..
    Pls help to recover my password as I have important documents in the email.
    Email is Hyp3multimedia[@]
    Looking forward to your anticipating help.

  30. joyce bichard says:

    Please help – I was emailed that I had to change my email address – I did this, but then couldn’t swop contacts over because my old account was also a gmail account. I really need my old email address back. How do I go about this.


  31. Makarand Deshpande says:

    My account is disabled and unable to access since last two days..please help

  32. sir please help me to recover my gmail account…..its shows disabled…

  33. satya s. dash says:

    Please I’m unable to access my gmail named as(satya.guin[@], I just changed my phone and can’t remember my password& some sequrity qun. ,tried recovering it but couldn’t, . The last password I couldn’t remember . Pls kindly give me a solution .

    Thanks& Regards
    Satya S. Dash

  34. Maqsood Malik says:

    my account ( maqsood.malikptcl[@] is disabled due to suspicious activity.
    i am trying to open it. but all times he says that requirements not match. this is from 2 days.
    i am using my phone but useless, once accept code but not open,
    kindly help me to open my account

  35. hameed khan mohammed says:

    Dear Sir/Madam, Iam Hameed khan, from the time i enabled the 2-step verification, I cannot able to access my gmail account. The main reason for which i cannot access my account is, in system it is shown that a code Starting from G-***** is sent to my mobile number. But I never receive any code on my mobile. Please kindly fix the issue.

  36. mili david shinde says:

    hi my name is mili and m unable to login my gmail account and thats david.mili91[@] and its asking me for recovery mail id and contact no. and i have forgotten it as my account is very old but still i tried to do all the possibilities by filling that assistant page form and all plsssss help with the problem plc and u can contact me on my other email id shinde.mili21[@] for any further assistance .

    Mili Shinde

  37. Penny Knece says:

    I used a set up code on old cell number I can’t access my codes don’t have same cell service new number can’t set Nome of my Google app nothing

  38. prasenjit debnath says:

    my account ( prasenjit535[@] is disabled due to suspicious activity.

    i am not able to reset my password kindly help me .
    last login to may 22 2016 time 1 :18
    from Bangalore Karnataka .
    i am having my register mobile no and alter mail id prasen515[@] . send me a link that i can able to reset my password.

    i am having my all document to my mail . and i am the ac holder to the gmail id i have created this mail id maybe 2010 its very long before , pls help me to reset the password.

  39. called 888 # number for help regarding getting emails from another person in another state but same name–after all the crap about looking into what could be wrong with my computer it was just about me paying them money to fix it–when I told him I lived on SS only and I couldn’t afford $200 the conversation was over. Anyone reading this don’t bother calling them.

  40. Thangkholen Lhouvum says:


    Thanks for this blog Gmail team. I would like to inform that my gmail account ( which I used for the past 11 years is not recoverable and can’t be access since my recovery phone number is no longer used and recovery email is also not accessible.
    Please help me to gain access to my gmail account once again, since I am using it for all multipurpose work and storing confidential information.


  41. vishant yadav says:

    Hellow sir / madam
    plz help me … i frgat my gmail account password plzzz help to restore
    i dont remember my password
    my email id is jppriyadas11[@]

  42. G M Tauhidul Hossain says:

    my name is tauhid.i have a gmail,name is
    i have a fiverr account,name is Tauhid333.and stay 288 doller.this account is open in this email.
    but one of my nearest friend hack my fiverr account,and to change my gmail password,date of birth,phone number and recovery,i have a big problem in,plz help me to get my gmail password.
    my first recovery gmail is ochenachele224[@] and my phone no is 01725178138.
    so,i want to you and pray for god to get my gmail and solve this problem shortly and i hope gmail support team carefully to handdiling this problem.
    Yours faitfully

  43. Nitin Mishra says:

    My account of gmail ( is not opening as i forgot my password and the alternative email id given is also closed
    please help me in this respect.
    How i may recover my password

  44. my account ( budaun.vikas[@] is disabled due to suspicious activity.
    i am trying to open it. but all times he says that requirements not match. this is from 3 days.
    i am using my phone but useless, once accept code but not open,
    kindly help me to open my account.

    ph no.–9837252053,8285446649

  45. Hi
    Using gmail account in microsoft outlook but emails is not downloading and showing user name / password error while user name / password it correct even I hv configured everything as per gmail pop guidelines but still not success.

  46. manoj kumar p says:

    I would like to confirm you that my running mail id is blocked while am using internet at internet cafe last day by getting message is “we detected suspicious activity in your a/c”I have oppening and using my g mail account in three systems, The reason i expect that when i loging my mail id at cafe system i forgot to log out my own mail id in three systems that’s why i got message in my mobile number by mention the same.i got information and proceed the way to reopening my mail id but still not opened.we request kindly help to open my mail id asap.

  47. my account has been disabled how can i get back the account….??

  48. H Rama Chandra Rao says:

    This is Rama Chandra Rao H using gmail since more than 10 years My account blocked on 10 june 2016 when i was trying to delete unwanted mail like promotional offers, its got blocked saying suspicious activity.I am not able to recover my account, please help me to unlock my account.

    I regret to write again for your pathetic service and not responding to any of my mail, i am trying to recover my mail ( which is been blocked 15 days back, i am unable to answer question which is asked in mail recovery page, same question are not for asked recovering the mail which is used for creating mail.

    There is no response from customer care, please respond to my mail,

    with regards,
    Rama Chandra Rao H

  49. sir my email shahmohiddin350cc[at] i forget my password i can access my moble and i want to sign in. i want to give my mobile my google accout my contacts and photos etc are in it please help me

  50. Hi sir/madam ,
    I forgot bout my log in password. I tried to do recovery and ask to email the verification code to my other gmail. After I key in the code , still can’t log in and can’t verify the code as well. Kindly help to recover my password.
    Gmail : shteoh3928[@]
    Thank you very much


  51. says:

    Please help me with this. I have deleted my trash but i do need to restore the emails i have permanently deleted. Please help me with this.

  52. m.luqman muhamad noor says:

    Hi, someone just hacked through my gmail account yesterday.and i wonder how they do it.
    I need my gmail account as it is very important to me.i hope u can fix this problem.
    My email is:
    They have changed my recovery email add,but i hope my mobile number which i used to register together with this account would help.
    Please do help me on this matter. Get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you so much!

  53. Lois Creamer says:

    I need your help. I’m getting emails bounced because it’s saying my gmail account is full. After deleting things, I decided to purchase extra space. I did, but an still getting message.

    Please help!

    Lois Creamer

  54. Sir,

    I own two gmail id, but when i log in to these ids it asks for password to log in but post log in and accessing the account, when i have finished and wish to quit, I never find a SIGN OUT BUTTON.
    The sign out button had earlier been available at right top corner within the sub menu of name and identification logo, but since past one year I don’t get sign out button anywhere. And I remain left with no option other than to directly close the active window.
    Request look into the issue at the earliest.

  55. Hello, I have faced lot of problems with Gmail ,i can’t my gmail account. and I cant change my password what should I do my mobile was reseted and without my Gmail account I cant access my mobile also please hlep me my mail id vinothbarithi[@]

  56. Harikrishnan K says:

    This is Harikrishnan k using gmail since more than 10 years My account deleted when i was trying to delete unwanted mail like promotional offers, its got blocked saying suspicious activity.I am not able to recover my account, please help me to unlock my account.

    with regards,
    Harikrishnan K

  57. Ramandeep Kaur says:

    i am having problem of sending a mail from my phone. i just receive it on my phone gmail app but failed to send it from phone . kindly solve this issue .
    with regards
    Ramandeep Kaur

  58. nitesh kahar says:

    i forget my password but i don’t getting password many times.i full try recovery option but l don’t my gmail id ( get password .
    Please sir help me .

  59. Vanita Ravariya says:

    I forgot my password n mobile number too which I added in the account therefore i m unable to get the verification code to change the password

  60. Vikash Sharma says:

    I am not able to change my gmail account name. By mistake my friend has changed his name. Google please help..Its showing its too frequent

  61. Hello. I am having trouble accesing my gmail account The password has been changed and one of the recovery qs was month and year of registration for google account which I can barely remember. Kindly please solve my issue..


  62. Ashutosh Gupta says:

    Dear Team,

    I forgot my gmail account password and trying to recover it by various way.
    But nothing is working, i m still unable to process access my gmail account.
    Pls look into the matter as this was having many contacts and details and i am unable to fetch the details as i have lost my phone and i urgently required that.

  63. Ashwin Venkataraman says:

    Sir/Ma’am,I have got an idea for improvisation of your Hangouts application. The present application is really good amd helping me a lot, though there are some areas of improvisation I would like to suggest. Firstly if you could come up with chat theam for each person we talk to would be more fun then. You could come up with various chat theams like happy,sad,love,hate or various other things that you can think of, and the stickers that you provide are too good, we can easily express our felling via that. You could also come up with various other stickers of dogs,panda,lions etc. Itvwould be much cuter. This is all for now .I hope I have sent this in right forum else please help me with the right email address to contact to. Thank you.

  64. jinendra kamad says:

    i forget my gmail password and trying it by wrong tacnk so please help me in this mattr.

  65. How my gmail forget password
    Please help

  66. Good afternoon, I can’t login with into my account for some months. I filled it in my CV, so I am in need of it………the username of my Gmail is
    I don’t have the number I used to open it and I don’t have a recovery email……pls help the only thing I remember is the password.

  67. Hello, I have forgot my password for my gmail account :

    Unable to recover password as the mobile number is changed and the password for recovery email id also forgotten.

    But, any one send any email to my email id :, I’ll get it as I have set a forward to the same.

    Kindly help me.

    Current email id is :

  68. sir plz reset my gmail account. these account cant work.
    send or incoming mail not work…

  69. Sorry to disappoint your gmail fans out there but tonight I called your support number and the guy who answered was very dull and seemed to know nothing or just wasn’t paying any attention to my questions. Anyway the question was simple. If you had your old gmail login & password stored on this phone and it had been out of service more than 6mos, then would it have to be reconnected first to update the new password? The reason why I asked was because I am being asked to give my email & password after locking myself out of my phone using the screen lock/unlock pin. Needless to say, the guy said I don’t understand what you are asking me and RUDELY HUNG UP ON ME!! TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR – WHO EVER YOU WERE.

  70. SIR,


  71. I am unable to login into my gmail account. I have forgotten my password and unable to recover account with any of the recovery options. I can still open my account in phone since it was configured long back.

    Kindly help.

  72. someone hacked or i forgot my gmail account, please help me if any help me in this regards,,,


  73. yoganand c yoga says:

    My Gmail address, from 20days disabled without Notice.PLZ reconnect

  74. My Gmail ID password Los

  75. Dear Google,

    How to I Changed my password bcz i forgot my password, i already fill all the details but still not getting password so kindly do the needful & revert me back.

  76. Sir my gmail id is….manishgode1197[@]
    i cant sign in this account….this say password is already chenged…bt i cant chenge my account password and recovery email is aslo this….recovery nnumber is forgett i and i dont know when i create this account and first teacher name .i request plz solve this….this mail id is very imp for me

  77. Rahul Suryawanshi says:

    I have a problem in Gmail account team that if any third person get an email ID of any person then that third person can easily change the password of that ID. If gmail team got this message then kindly contact me on 9767833937. and I can tell you the problem and solution on it. please it is not a joke.

  78. Tadesse Tekle says:

    Hi Gmails’
    I have been using gmail for so many years. But recently I am facing a problem relating with security.
    My email address is ‘tadeko02’.
    Even I couldn’t access my account via my phone number.
    There are so many documents with it. Please do me something.
    If you have any advise contact me via my account
    Thank you.

  79. i forgot password and i have no access to my phone number which i have registered and using recovery mail ot is not giving me access plz help out

  80. Hi Gmail,

    Some one have changed our gmail password, recover email and phone number. how i recover it again .

  81. My friend name is Vikram Desai and his email id is but last 7 days they have not accessed your email id due to my password was wrong and somebody has changed my password. so we are not able to reset my password.

    So, please do the needful.

    My contact no is 968764184.

  82. Hello sir, my name is Ravikumar. I have a gmail account . It is ravirocks7777@gmail. Com. I have forgot the password and i too have lost the phone number which was used to create this account. Now i a not able to login. So plaease help me to get out this problem.

  83. Mohammed yasin says:

    account is logged in my phone but i dont know its password and the phone number which i have used during creating the account is closed/not accessable . when i want to log in in my pc i face problem . so please help me to recover my password for the future help. thank you my number is 96190

  84. Pintu Wanjari says:

    Some one have changed recover email and phone number. how i recover it again .

  85. Akshay Koshti says:

    hello I can’t access because Gmail account because of 2fa service I am not receiving any code on my mobile plz check it

  86. Hello Sir,
    My gmail account have been Google couldn’t verify it’s you, so you can’t sign in to this account right now.. but iam the guy . So plz help me and Reply Fast than enable my gmail account.

  87. Rocky Maycock says:

    Yes I’m writing bc I have an e-mail account with Google. Which is I kept getting these text messages saying your Google verification code is whatever. When I hadn’t requested any codes. So I would go to my email and change the password and even thought I set up a 2 step verification. Well I got a new phone and number and set up my gmail account and synced all my contacts and stuff. I had sent all my pictures to this email before I got a new phone. We’ll I kept getting the same verification codes. On the new number when I hadn’t requested any. So I was just gonna set up a new email account and thought I had synced my contacts and stuff to the new email. So I thought I was just temporarily disabling the account so I could later retrieve the pictures I had sent. Now I can’t remember which password I had changed it to and for the life of me I can’t get back in to the email. I have sent the codes to my phone and my new email and it keeps saying it can’t be verified. I have all my family pictures and several very important work numbers synced to that email account. Please call me at 870-612-4219 or email me at with another way besides the account recovery address bc it keeps saying it can verify its me. I’ve had this email forever. Please help me

  88. Manish Magnani says:

    sir, i have forgot my email id and passward and i have also forgotten recovery email or phone number.
    what should i do ?
    sir please help i cant make another id because my phone is locked,to unlock that phone i have to enter that email id and password.
    kindly please help!!!

  89. hillony zinzuwadiya says:

    some stolen account or password and change password and my mobile number my gmail account above hillony9[at] how can i retrieve

  90. sabera shaikh says:

    Sir mujhe mere email id change karna hai par mai password bhol gaye ho mai kiya karo bataye

  91. Dera sir/mam,

    Good Morning..

    My self Shailendra Kumar Tiwari from India, my email id is shailendra711[@] I have forget my password. And tring to access password, but couldn’t access, because by mistakeI I have delete my recovery email id that was linked with above said email. But currently I have my phone number which that was verified by my above email.

    Kindly help me to so that I can continue my E-mail.

  92. sir my name is mohammed i need urgent gmail customer care number my acount is blocked plzz help me

  93. Jatin Aggarwal says:

    hi there, I cant get access to my gmail account “” as someone has stolen this, changed the password, remove all the recovery options and turned on the 2-step verification feature. I have provided all the necessary information to you 6-7 times using different-different mails when trying to change password using forgot password button but you never replied. I was using this account for all my college work. I have registered this mail with linkedin, udemy, amcat and many other sites. So, please help me to recover my account as soon as possible.

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