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eHarmony customer service numbers

Are you being exhausted of being alone? Looking to meet with your soul mate made in heaven? Well your search ends here as we have provided the contact details of eHarmony, in regard to help the users who are looking for best online dating websites. Our web portal contains the official eHarmony customer service numbers and other details which are very useful. By following these eHarmony contact support numbers you can easily talk with their customer service team and ask for your queries directly. Their dedicated team will offer you relevant resolution of your queries.

eHarmony.com Customer Service Phone Number: 800-965-7249 (US)

eHarmony.com Customer Service Phone Number: 800-390-3548 (Canada)

eHarmony is one of the world’s most popular and successful online dating website designed specially to match women and men with each other for a long term relationships. Currently this website boasts around four million people that are registered with their website. eHarmony was launched in august 22, 2000, with headquarter based in Santa Monica, California, and it has members in over 150 countries and operated in Australia, United States, Canada, brazil, and united kingdom. Due to its unique and best matching techniques, eHarmony has gained rapid growth as compared to other dating sites. The main vision of this corporation is to provide dating with the aim of a serious relationship and want to see singles fall in love for all the true reasons.

So if you also want to find your exact match, then register on this website today and make the use of below mentioned eHarmony customer support helpline members in case you face issues in sign up or some other queries. 

Customer Service Contact Page: http://www.eharmony.com/about/news/contact/

8 thoughts on “eHarmony customer service numbers

  1. I’ve tried every phone number I can find for eHarmony,com, everybody is sorry away from my desk. So I’m asking for a refund of my money. James G. Anderson

  2. I want to find a mate in a fair amount of time however I have been at this for a long time & i still have had no luck getting on the website it is really iratating when I can’t get any help from anybody online or other wise why is it this way & what can be done about it help. Help. Help please

  3. I would like the e mail “chrisjreddin86@outlook.com” taken off the mailing list please and thank you.

  4. I am very offended by your latest commercial for eharmony. The woman states that she cannot be on it…she is not religious at all. This statement is unnecessary for the question asked. It is offensive as it is an inappropriate response to the question. The commercial would have been great without it.

  5. Paulette Engler says:

    Your ads on TV and disgusting you are promoting selfishness.

    Children don’t care about Mommy & Daddy’s love life, just ask them. And if they say they care, they do that because they don’t want to be blamed for Mommy’s unhappiness. I know because I’m a product of this type of life. It’s horrible and it’s selfish of parents.

    Raise you children first they are the only thing that is important, your love life is secondary to their well being.

  6. Kindly cancel my subscription. I don’t know why I am charged 67.00 CAD every month? the offer was every 3 months.

    please cancel my one year account! this is not a fair deal. I do not like to renew my account.
    thank you

  7. Phyllis Upchurch says:

    I would like an immediate response. I am being charged 79.90 per month and haven’t been a member for months now. There aren’t any phone numbers available to “paying” customers. This is looking much like a scamming business. I will be very persistent in resolving this matter – either via a response from you or a recourse that I would rather not take.

  8. vishnu saroop of trinidad has met many women from eharmony as he almost killed my friend and has many cases in court against him