AVG complete customer support details with mailing address

With the availability of various antivirus software sometimes it has become one of the toughest tasks for users to choose the best amongst them. The reason is every antivirus software manufacture keeps on trying to do their best to provide the best security experience to its users. AVG is such a brand who is known for their quality and full-featured antivirus software. Affordability of price, you will get as an additional benefit while purchasing this security-based software.

AVG team always looks forward to provide the best security solution to its users and that’s why they also offer support service so that users wouldn’t have to face any kinds of issue. In order to contact with the support team go through the below mentioned details:

 AVG customer support @+1 828 466 5757

To communicate with the support agent you need to dial AVG customer care helpline number which is described above. You are welcome to call them from 8.00am to 8.00pm EST daily Monday to Friday.

Get assistance from AVG customer care via Email

Another way, you can contact with the support executive via Email. All you need to send your queries from you email ID to registered mail ID of AVG. Email support link is mentioned below:


Live Chat support

Apart from the above support, AVG also provide Live Chat facility where you will able to share your problems with the support executive via live message. To get this support Follow this link:


AVG headquarter address detail

AVG Technologies, N.V.

Headquarters: Gatwickstraat 9 -39, 1043 GL Amsterdam

The Netherlands

AVG USA contact address

AVG Technologies USA, Inc.

Business and Reseller Sales

2105 Northwest Blvd.

Newton, NC 28658, USA

AVG Technologies USA, Inc.

North America Headquarters

149 Bluxome Street

San Francisco, CA 94107, USA

AVG Technologies USA, Inc.

North America Headquarters

1 Executive Drive, 3rd Floor

Chelmsford, MA 01824


AVG Worldwide contact details

Milestone Interactive Private Limited

702, Supreme Chambers, Off Veera Desai Road

Andheri (W), Mumbai 400 053


+91-22-6731 2500

+91-22-6731 2506

AVG Technologies CZ, s.r.o.

Holandská 4

639 00 Brno

Czech Republic

AVG eCommerce CY Limited

Gatwickstraat 9 – 39

1043 GL Amsterdam

The Netherlands

AVG Technologies France

1, Place de la Chapelle

64600 Anglet


Tel. +33(0)5 59 74 02 52

Fax +33(0)5 59 03 88 26

AVG Technologies GER GmbH

Bernhard-Wicki-Str. 7

80636 München


AVG Ireland

Alexandra House, The Sweepstakes, Ballsbridge



Tel. +44 (0)33 3000 1000

Fax +353 016 319 001

AVG Technologies UK Ltd: Olympic House, 995 Doddington Road,Lincoln, LN6 3SE

United Kingdom

Fax +44 1522 803298

AVG Technologies Canada Inc.: 309 Legget Drive, Suite 300 Ottawa, Ontario K2K 3A3, Canada

AVG Technologies AU: 47A Wangara Rd Cheltenham, Victoria Australia

Tel. 1800 230 463 (Australia)

Tel. +61 2 8015 2133 (International)

Fax +61 3 9585 6304

13 thoughts on “AVG complete customer support details with mailing address

  1. Aage Larsen says:


    On 8-6-2015 I bought in Holland on invoice 2902104571 – AVG order number 35-5328688 a Renewal AVG Internet Security 2015 3 computers (2 years).
    I addition to that I also bought 1x AVG 2015 Installation Disc € 7,43.

    The installation disc I did not receive.
    In 2013 I have done the same and also then I didn’t not receive the Disc.

    Please send me the disc or let me know why I don’t receive it.

    Aage Larsen
    Schildersplantsoen 24
    4907RA Oosterhout

  2. stefania Nowak says:

    kupiłam AVG PRZEDLUZENIE LICENCJI numer zamowienia 25615281 numer referencyjny zamówienia AVG 38-3303033 W KWOCIE 83,41 CZEKAM NA KLUCZ LICENCJI

  3. Evangelos Misirlakis says:

    I would like to ask why did you detach the amount of $49.99 from my bank account at 19th Oct 2015 and I am not costumer of you? I did not order any AVG antivirus.

  4. April Ferreira says:

    why did you take money out of my account …. it said i needed a valid lisense !!! its still saying that ‘ id like my money back ‘ or i will be reporting you to the better buisness bureau n connecting a lawyer n the news ‘ its a scam !!!!

  5. April Ferreira says:

    i want my money back !!!!

  6. Sharon Smith, Wilmington, NC says:

    Boy I am NOT happy with this company for several reasons and it appears that there are others feeling the same way..
    I ordered the antivirus and paid for it..I was not happy with the program since it removed several things on my computer like some of the games I bought and paid for..Threre were other programs that would not run with the antivirus..I called about 5 days later and filed online, as they requested, for a refund well within the 30 days that they said I could ask for my money back..I have now called them 3 times to get my money refunded..
    1. Problem: removed several of my programs and ws unable to bring up others.
    2. Problem: I always get someone out of the States that I can hardly understand, much less get them to understand what I am asking for. They tell me they are located in SE Asia..Great!! I asked to be transferred to someone in the USA. They apparently aren’t able to do this..
    3. Problem: Product ordered Nov 23, 2015. Requested refund on the 28th of Nov. 2015.Got an email stating that the refund was delayed because they order reference number was wrong and would I supply them with further information, which I did.(Dec.16th) Replied with phone call and in writing..Got a lady with a really bad accent who told me that they had made a mistake trying to do the refund (DUH< that was the reason why I was calling) She said she would talk with her supervisor and that they would "Expedite" my refund..Well, here is Dec 28th and still no refund.So I called customer service again..This time I asked to speak to the supervisor named Roni..The young lady said they would comtact their expedite service for me..I asked how long this would take..She said probably 5-7 days..AGAIN!! REALLY.. So much for expediting..That is the biggest joke..I am so mad at this company..To add insult to injury, their headquarters is in the Netherlands..Great..I am still waiting for my poor little $32.99..Wonder how long this time..Like some of you others, I am going to report this company to the Better Business Beareu..This is just plain rediculous..Then to top it all off..They sent me a survey expecting me to give them great revues..Seriously…NOT from me..

  7. Allan Potter says:

    I have been in touch with your Philipines customer care 3 times and each time they asked me to let them into my computer via gotoassist.me which is not familiar to me as most ask for logme in. I think that they have corrupted my compute rand I would lie you to look into my concerns.
    I rang your number in America and from there was directed to India and a man named Abinaya . he did all I required
    and he gave me a service nnumber 03299747.
    When I turned my computer on this morning everything he did was gone and this is why I think your people in the
    Philipines have corrupted my computer because when i told them I was going to contact Amsterdam they said that they did not care.
    allan potter license IMACK-FTNBO-OZGB2-ADXTB-EDAZR-HVPCV

  8. O co tu chodzi ? says:

    kupiłem dnia 2016-05-18 licencję programu antywirusowego AVG Performance Pro, lecz do dnia dzisiejszego na moich urządzeniach jest jedynie wersja AVG free. Jestem zawiedziony brakiem wsparcia dla produktu sprzedawanego na terenie mojego kraju (Polska) zarówno w formie kontaktu mailowego lub telefonicznego. Zamierzam sprawę przekazać właściwym organom w celu uzyskania zwrotu należności.
    Drugą sprawą, która mnie denerwuje są powszechnie wyskakujące okienka reklamowe typu: kup wersję AVG Performance lub inny produkt AVG. Obok, leży wydrukowana faktura zakupu a licznik korzystania z programu wciąż pracuje.
    Na dodatek złego mogę uzyskać pomoc dzwoniąc do USA, Wielkiej Brytanii lub Australii !!! To jest przykład lekceważenia mnie, na co nie zasłużyłem. Czuję się oszukany przez AVG eCommerce z Amsterdamu.

    Mirosław Zawadzki, Mazowsze Polska

  9. allan lavis says:

    on the 3-7-2016 I have made an error and some how hjave paid for the same item twice iwould like a refund for one of the orders. order numbers 701-3708170 and 701378338.

  10. Cormac McGauran says:

    Please provide me with my AVG email password which I have misplaced.

    Thank you

    Cormac McGauran

    Customer ID 20444477

  11. Carol C Rodriguez says:

    I wrote a tome. I was asking for a refund. They had a space to do this. When I had finished I got a reply. It read only 32 words were permitted. Had they said this up front I would gave taken 3 paragraph’s to say what I did say. Another hour wasted. Quick to take your money, I’ll try again tomorrow. Yes BBB and face-book will come in handy! I would not wish them on my worst enemy. Please avoid AVG .It will cause havoc with your computer.

  12. I have been with AVG in Australia for almost 10 years and only asked for assistance several years ago. Now that they have updated the program, the popups drive me crazy especially as it is a paid version. I tried to contact them but they have moved and searching on the internet I tried 5 different telephone numbers and found a different address. While trying the different telephone numbers, all I got was an Indian voice saying very muffled “thank you for calling AVG” and hung up. When I first joined up, I could speak with an Australian who was helpful. I then decided to write a letter with my complaint but they have not had the curtiousity to respond. I shall dump AVG when the renewal comes up. I am extremely disappointed with the company and their lack of publishing their ligitimate phone number and address.

  13. Scott Johnston says:

    I hate how AVG doesn’t have a direct email for support. I recently got hit with ‘chromesearch.win’ and AVG did find it. Neither did Malwarebytes. I did find the infected files. It’s in the config file ‘Web Data’ and history under the ‘C:\Users\name\….’. But I haven’t figured how to clean it manually yet.

    Any ideas? I am really annoyed now!

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