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Antec Customer Service & Support Phone Number

Check here the customer service number of Antec, if needed. Antec Inc. is USA based computer components and accessories manufacturer industry. The company produces numerous award winning computer cases and power supplies products. Established in 1986, Antec is considered as ground-breaking in industry. With headquarter based in Fremont, California, USA, today Antec are retails in more than 40 countries. Due to its outstanding services and high quality products Antec has maintained its position as a global leader and provider of efficient, innovative, latest products. It has also gain huge success in the allocation channel, VARs, meeting the needs of quality conscious system builders and integrators.

Antec Customer Service & Support Phone Number: 1-800-222-6832

Antec Customer Service Contact Link: Click Here

Antec also sold PC cooling products, mobile & notebook accessories and compete with other major brands such as cooler master, corsair etc available in the market. The real production of Antec products has been outsourced to Taiwan and China. The products manufactures and sold by this company includes a varied range of cases, VERIS, economical new solution series, performance one series, front line power supplies, earth watts and much more. Beside this numerous Antec products are used for gaming such as leading gamer field: Nine Hundred. Except the main headquarter in Fremont, California, Antec has many offices in UK, Netherlands, Rotterdam, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Spain, France and China.

Antec is also highly renowned for offering Customer service support. If you are the user of Antec user and looking for Antec customer service helpline number then here is the end of your search. In this article you’ll get all the information regarding Antec including its customer service numbers for various departments, email info, URL address, official address and much more without going anywhere. The information and the Antec customer support number given on this web page are completely authentic and updated. You can make the use of Antec customer support number for taking quick and excellent services from their experts.

One thought on “Antec Customer Service & Support Phone Number

  1. Antec are the first company that I have had to deal with that refuse to honour the Warranty on their products stating that “Unfortunately the S/N# H6501346004933 was from year 2013, it’s out of our warranty.” regardless of Proof of Purchase showing the product was purchased 11 April 2015.

    This case is going to Court under UK and EU Consumer Protection Laws.

    I advise anyone considering Antec products to look at alternatives as an Antec Warranty is not worth anything.